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     I read this story in the e-Newspaper this morning but I object to it being an “insider” story online and I am waiting for their promised coverage of the other two Democratic candidates this week before I have any comment (click here).  Information about candidates is vital and the readership should not be limited to those willing to provide an email address – especially since LNP will not tell the public what they are using them for/how they are making money from them.
     I believe that every article that has been in LNP that states that Lancaster County Judge candidate Jeffrey Conrad was rated “not recommended” by the Lancaster Bar has been an “insider” story and that is not acceptable. This is vital information the public absolutely needs to know. See the two “insider” stories below and there will be more on this shortly.   


*    Yesterday’s morning post about Mayor Gray’s three top administrators got lost under the police chase. If you did not read this article about Gray’s “convenient” lies, please do!

      There are many, many comments on social media about the police chase. Above is a sample of two that were repeated over and over again. Will LNP ever follow-up on this story? Is there someone in charge in these police departments who can say we have six or eight police cars tailing this truck with four flat tires – it’s too many – three of your cars need to stop and get back to their regular business of protecting the public?



     This was one of two front page stories in yesterday’s LNP print edition by “The Caucus” reporters (it is an “insider” story online – click here).
     So is LNP going to have their reporters investigate why a candidate to be a Lancaster County judge had 13 out of 14 parking tickets withdrawn? Should this man who was “not recommended” by the Lancaster Bar become a judge? Do you want him judging you? Why did Conrad tell Judge Madenspacher his client “doesn’t look like a criminal?” This type of corruption in Lancaster County has been going on for years because LNP turns a blind eye – and it has to stop.

Please check back later today.


  1. Amonymous says:

    The Lancaster GOP is a disgrace. Clearly there is no desire to put the best qualified minds on the bench. To become a judge here you just need to kiss the right asses. How can a NOT Qualified cadidate be the only option for voters? How how does a male who refers to women as “chicks” possibly make it this far. Even worse, Conrad lost his handgun along a neighborhood road – a loaded handgun – but since he was head of the Warwick GOP and buddies with the police chief, the incident was never reported properly as it would have been for anyone else.

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