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(Click here for the full article on, part of their Convention Center series).


     This is why LNP is not covering State Senator Scott Martin’s wedding today to County Treasurer Amber Green. You never know when LNP will need another favor from Martin or Green (will she take Martin’s last name?). How would it look if it got out to the public that Martin, who ran his campaign based on “traditional family values,” is on his third marriage and secretly hid a divorce and remarriage from the public?

       As I have repeated over and over on this site: LNP breaks every code of journalism ethics in this country and gives validity to Trump’s negative claims about the press.


     LNP CEO Robert Krasne, Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, Content Editor and Editor of The Caucus, Tom Murse and Opinion Editor


Suzanne Cassidy and many others at LNP are greedy, dishonest and lying disgraces to journalism.

     This is why they never question the powerful, elite and white in Lancaster County and that includes DA Craig Stedman, all of the


Lancaster County Judges, Mayor Gray, Police Chief Keith Sadler and all of the Lancaster city council members.                

     They don’t give a damn about the citizens of Lancaster County or journalism. They are nothing more than a dishonest business. They need to be run out of town!
Have a great Friday and there will be more tomorrow.
*    The weather is on Scott Martin’s mind! This screenshot of his Facebook page was taken at 11:30 am.


Posted on State Senator Scott Martin’s Facebook page yesterday under a link to the ridiculous LNP article, “Lancaster County ranked happiest, healthiest place in Pennsylvania and No. 28 in US,” (click here).

     Scott Martin’s must be happy today! It’s the big day! He and County Treasurer Amber Green are getting married! But they don’t have a marriage license in Lancaster County. Hmmm…
Please check back later today.


  1. Becky — this accident happened a couple of years ago
    Please correct anything not accurate

    Scott Martin suing sheriff Reese reminded me of another lawsuit in which Martin was involved

    If I remember correctly, Scott Martin’s sister was involved in an accident that cost a couple of people their life. She was high on drugs. I think heroin.

    I know she was a grown woman not a child. Scott Martin was not in this accident
    But, Scott Martin is the one that sued the trucking company and lost. Then Martin sued the truck driver.
    So why would Scott Martin sue anybody when it was his sister that was driving the vehicle? He was not in the accident
    It sounds like Martin likes to sue people like the sheriff .. Reese.

    One of the comments I read mentioned Scott Martin’s paycheck goes to his ex-wife

    So let me get this straight, Martin’s paycheck goes to his ex-wife.
    I was told she got the house, the furniture and the kids more than 90% of the time

    So what does Martin’s ex-wife have on him that he is ( buying her silence ).

    There is not …. not a court in this country that would give the ex-wife everything.

    Wasn’t Martin’s divorce final sometime early in September before he took his senate seat?
    That is saying a lot
    Martin’s ex-wife may want to go back to court now that Scott Martin and Amber Augustowski Green Martin are married
    She may get a bigger paycheck

    Just Saying …

    Becky I do not understand why it is not a big deal that’s Scott Martin worked for a lobbyist group.
    Martin worked for Mike Musser. Is it still on his linkedin?

    Musser runs Community Network Resources
    It is a Lobbying firm.
    Martin’ was employed from January 2016 through January 2017
    Martin work for Musser for 13 months
    Maybe he still works there ……. or gets paid
    So what is Musser going to get in return from a State Senator that makes $84,000 per year?

    Becky you are the only one that has reported this
    You are a real reporter and you keep us informed of these crooked politicians.

    I believe that there is something going on and someday it will come out

    Instead of duck faces maybe a mug shot …

    Thank you Becky

  2. huh? says:

    Did any eye witnesses come forward to confirm a police car responding?

    If that were the case, based on the unfolding scenario at the DA’s office, it confirms the corruption that many have hinted at. And, what the heck is with the DA, a public servant, wrangling a political campaign for anyone other than himself?

  3. Ida says:

    Thanks Becky!!!!! I didn’t know PennLive picked up the story. I never saw that article. In the comments below the article, Dan Rodgers is spot on. One incident was either the day before or after Thanksgiving 2015. There were also items of personal property being thrown on the front lawn…Scott’s clothing perhaps.

  4. Viridescent says:

    Amber Martin’s Facebook cover photo is a picture of her kids (and Scott’s son in the lower left) on the dance floor at the wedding. The comment underneath by Jim Hughes “All four of them were so cute and so happy”. These kids are approx 12 and under. I highly doubt they are “so happy” knowing their parents will never be back together and that they will continue to be carted between houses for the next 7 years or so. Is this guy an idiot? They may have been having a good time on the dance floor but they have no idea what is actually happening to their lives. One day they will know that Scott and Amber are scum and committed adultery. Hopefully the truth won’t taint them in their future relationships.

  5. Ida says:

    911 was called to the Martin residence multiple times. Right to Know requests were filed. The truth was never revealed because the requests were either “lost” or Stedman (Martin’s Senate Campaign Chair) denied/stopped the requests.

    Lancaster County voters are smarter but they still rely on the RCLC endorsement. Amber & Scott lied outright to the committee. Their friends (elected and on committee) backed them up. It is an absolute disgrace they are married a year later. I hope the RCLC opens up their eyes and brains the next time endorsements come around for these two. I hear Amber plans to run for commissioner. That CANNOT happen.

  6. Fakes says:

    Does wearing a white dress mean anything to people?

    At least 5 marriages between them and 4 kids

    Maybe Scott has a few extra but Mother has not come forward
    Or Mothers

    How do they afford all this glamour?

    Tax payers dollars at work I assume

    They need to be investigated

    People do not seem to care and it makes no sense
    Lancaster County people are smarter than this

    It will all come out in time

    Martin makes $84k
    I assume Green thinks she is rich
    Martin pays alimony to shut up Heather for abuse

    How do they afford it?

    It you think Amber is rich managing a homeowners association and a treasurers salary, I have some land in Florida to sell you

    Be careful whom you vote for Lancaster County

    And you have few more years to deal with it unless the truth comes out first

    I know what so called politicians make and they cannot afford $50k weddings

    I am a politician

    But I spend what I earn

    In time…..

  7. huh? says:

    Thanks, Becky.

  8. Amonymous says:

    Green seems like a nice lady. She obviously doesn’t know much about YIC. Too bad.

  9. Agent Insider says:

    Likely list of currently elected attendees (other than Treasurer Green):

    Senator Ryan Aument
    Rep. Bryan Cutler
    Commissioner Dennis Stuckey
    DA Craig Stedman
    Controller Brian Hurter
    Prothonotary Catherine Wood-Jacobs
    Judge Jeff Wright (possibly performing the service)

    Rep. Mindy Fee (maybe)
    Rep. Dave Hickernell (maybe)

    P.S. They wouldn’t need to get a license if they are already married and today is just for show. Isn’t she from MD? Martin hid his second marriage to Heather by getting married on the same date in NJ where his family has a house.

  10. my goodness says:

    There is always Maryland.

  11. County Employee says:

    You can get a marriage license from any county in PA. It doesn’t have to be the county where the ceremony will take place. Start checking the records for all 67 counties. You start at the beginning of the alphabet and I’ll start at the end.

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