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     With all of this court talk, LNP still has not reported that Michael Hansen did not plead guilty on Friday (click here for LNP’s, “Lancaster woman against plea deal for York bail bondsman who allegedly terrorized her in 2015” ).
     Their former court reporter and now the DA’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, was in the courtroom but did not do his usual press release so apparently LNP doesn’t know what happened. They did the story the day before but didn’t send anyone to the courthouse to see what happened? This is pathetic and terrible journalism!
     I did speak with Lisa Brown by phone on Friday following the court proceeding and due to time constraints today, that will come tomorrow.


—  Frank N. Snyder Jr., 38, was reportedly sentenced to five to 12 years…
      He was either sentenced to five to 12 years or he was not! 
—  Snyder reportedly pleaded guilty in November…
      He either pleaded guilty in November or he did not!
—  Ruth’s father reportedly died a month later.
      He either died or he did not die a month later!
**   Quotes (and my comments in italics below) taken from the LNP story by Konstantine Fekos, “Columbia man gets 5-12 for hitting, killing cyclist en route to see dying father,” (click here).
     There is no excuse for this kind of writing! Where is an editor? Does LNP have any editors at all?
     Fekos may be straight out of college but he is supposedly a reporter and yet he uses “reportedly” three times in the story. And he twice credits and took the entire story from The Morning Call. So he doesn’t trust the reporter who wrote it for them or what is his problem?
     This is beyond terrible journalism. This is a joke. Just run the story from The Morning Call and be done with it! He “reportedly” pleaded guilty? Can Fekos read a court docket? Oh, this is awful, dreadful journalism!


*   And his son, Ivan, who is mentioned in the story as also being charged. Yes, he raped his sisters. See the charge on his docket below.

Ivan zook


ZookPosted under yesterday’s LNP story, “Drumore Township man sentenced to 6-20 years for rape, statutory sexual assault of a minor,” (click here).

     Yes, Ephraim Zook raped his own daughter. Why doesn’t LNP tell us that? From his court docket, note the “Incest” charge below. Unbelievable!

E Zook
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    Since the LNP is dumping reporters who have been writing longer than most of these cheap new hires have been alive, it is not surprising that they have no memory or recall of the Laurie Show murder.

    Mr. Fortune uses this phrase several times: according to media records. I imagine he must have been around five years of age when Show was murdered.

    In his article he states that Show and Lambert were rivals for Yunkin’s affection. THAT is so far off the mark, it’s laughable. Laurie was not in any sort of competition for Yunkin and had apparently dated him a few times but nothing more. Lambert was convinced that she was still vying for “rights” to Yunkin. Nothing could be further from the truth. IIRC, that was a very big part of the case.

    Buck and Lambert rot in jail for the rest of their lives while Yunkin has been out of prison since 2004. Nothing about this case or how it was handled in the Lancaster courts could ever be held up as an example for anything but a bunch of bumbling prosecutors, cops, lawyers and witnesses who managed to get a modicum of justice for the Show family.

  2. Frank Lee says:

    Hmmmmmm…LRNP Lancaster Reportably News Paper.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LNP writers use the word “reportedly” when they simply copy another news source for their story. Much easier to have someone else do the work. Basically they are reporting on an already published report. Lazy and sad if you ask me.

  4. huh? says:

    When you violate your daughters , you lose religious “protection.”

    • Becky says:

      Actually, Fekos uses “reportedly” four times:

      A tipster reportedly gave information that led to Snyder’s arrest.

      This might be the only case where it’s somewhat acceptable! In the other three, there is a definite answer to each question and since his job is as a “reporter,” he should find out and tell us what actually occurred – not what “reportedly” occurred!

      (Done with rant!)

      • Becky says:

        But if you look up “reportedly,” part of the definition is that it implies it may not be true. If they are too lazy to look the information up for themsevles, they should say “The Morning Call reported that…” – that puts the onus on The Morning Call if the information is infact not true!

  5. Frank Lee says:

    I’m really surprised they printed as much detail as they did about the Amish child molester rapists. Normally they don’t include pics of Amish and old order Mennonites because it violates their religious beliefs. It’s watered down, but then LNP still sucks

  6. Anonymous says:

    While their court dockets clearly state the incest charges, revealing the direct relationship of the Zook victims was uncalled for. The victim could have been a daughter; it could have been a grandchild or possibly a niece. The man was convicted and is going to prison for rape. WHO he raped is nobody’s business.

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