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***  Savilla Stoltzfus is jailed on $1 million bail after a Bucks County judge refused her lawyers’ request for a bail reduction Friday. The judge set a July 14 bail hearing.
From the Associated Press article on Lancaster Online, “Judge denies lower bail for woman accused of ‘gifting’ teen,” (click here).
     This is unbelievable! The AP is wrong! Such incredible sloppiness! It is on their dockets!
      PennLive finally got it correct yesterday (I sent them an email) – click here:
     All 3 adults remain confined to Bucks County Jail on 10 percent of $1 million bail.
     The amount Savilla Stoltzfus currently needs to get out of jail is $100,000!


marv - scam artist **   Marvelous Marv lives! I took today’s LNP news quiz and a face in a picture caught my eye! I went to the article and there was former Sunday News Editor Marv Adams (click here for, “Boehm’s Chapel will celebrate 225 years of service June 24-26”)!
     Marv, as it turns out, is the President of the Boehm’s Chapel Society – and he is not 225-years-old – and he looks and “sounds” unchanged. His, um, “dry wit” is evident in the article. Oh, my:
      In the 1970s and 80s, Adams says, there were rumors that the chapel was haunted. He then segued to stories about some less-than-welcoming neighbors.

     “One rode his horse into the chapel,” Adams says. “Then there was a man in the balcony chewing tobacco who used the bald heads of men sitting below him for target practice.”
     That is the Marvelous Marv we knew! Yes, he can segue!


*    I’m surprised Nephin didn’t jump on this story. If you want to know what’s going on in the city, go to the “Lancaster’s Chestnut Hill Neighbors” Facebook page.
     This was posted:
      We try to be good neighbors in this city and we love being here. We go up and down the block with bags picking up trash regularly. We sweep the sidewalk and up and down the street all the time and pick up after some who don’t seem to care. We plant flowers in front and keep our porch clean and tidy. We greet our neighbors and hold regular gatherings to bring people together and try to create an environment for a better community and world. So I was just a bit upset to receive a $25 citation in the mail for a few weeds coming out of the bottom of the tree in front of our home that we overlooked. No friendly warning. Just a ticket. That doesn’t seem very neighborly at all…
    Most of the neighbors said she should fight the ticket. And then Patrick Hopkins, the city’s business administrator, came on and there was this interesting exchange:


      But the properties that would have made up the park’s area amounted to a little under an acre, or about the size of a football field excluding the end zones.
From today’s story by LNP reporter Dan Nephin, “Initial location scrapped for park honoring Nelson Polite; other park to carry name,” (click here).


     This “article” and headline are junk. Pure junk. It makes no sense – explains nothing – and where did Nephin get the tidbit about the end zones?

       He likes the word “tweaked” though! Read this absolute crap:
     So the city took the residents’ concerns under advisement and are tweaking plans, she said.
     Katzenmoyer and Pat Brogan, Mayor Rick Gray’s chief of staff, declined to share details of what the city is considering, but it still could include recreation. 
     The city will schedule another meeting to share the tweaked plans with the community and get its input, probably after July 4, Brogan said.
     What an awful reporter and writer! Is this a joke? Would someone “tweak” Nephin? Please! Nelson Polite deserves better than this!

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  1. my goodness says:

    Wow, they used to send you a letter and give you something like 10 days to get it cleaned up. But then they would have to return to check, so this method would be more satisfactory to the city. $25.00 vs the hassle of the appeal process, most will just pay it. I’m amazed that they went into the north west quadrant.

    • Becky says:

      After almost five years of having comments on this site, I am finally trying to figure out how to link to an article or website in the comments so that it opens up in a new tab and doesn’t take you away from this site. 🙂

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