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*   Tomorrow is the big day! Why would LNP start a Sunday Magazine? I don’t have a clue! Anyone?

New Magazine


Newhouse3 (Click here)

crying     Get over yourselves, Kara Newhouse and LNP! Stop crying! Move on! There are lots of paid “public servants” in Lancaster who don’t do their jobs! Why don’t you focus in on them?
     What are Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler doing to stop the violence in Lancaster? What are they doing? How much does Sadler make?  You’ve never told the public about his ex-wife’s book, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge.” Why not?

4 Responses to *** BREAKING NEWS *** * WHAT ABOUT GRAY & SADLER?

  1. Frank Lee says:

    This is the only historical preservation society to kiss the ass of a developer who wants to ‘doze historical buildings.

  2. Josh H. says:

    Here’s an Idea but they won’t listen to it Build a Parking Garage there and let the Hotel Pay for it since the parking authority wants a New Garage and it’s right downtown too so that people don’t have to Walk far to all those run down shops in center city.

  3. huh? says:

    The LNP took down a sick doctor Kirchner and probably hastened his death due to stress placed upon him that most certainly contributed to his weakened immune system which opened him up to the opportunistic infection that killed him.

    Bill Murry is a whole different story. Perhaps the LNP editors are too new to understand how by force of personality and money and life experiences to grasp that reality. His father Manny Murry sure was. And I bet there is a history of butting heads with the Steinmans that goes way back.

  4. Rednek says:

    LNP ownership and management, along with their ‘Step-In-line’ editors and reporters will never stop their crusade until they get what THEY want.

    Ethics and public sentiment never are allowed to enter in to the equation : “we = right”.

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