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* The link to the “article” on Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby in his post is here.



     The Lancaster City Bureau of Police welcomed its newest member today, May 7th 2015. Officer Nicholas Langan, shown below with Mayor Richard Gray, was sworn in this morning during a ceremony at City Hall. Off. Langan is from Baltimore, MD where he served for three years as a patrolman in the Baltimore City Police Department. He graduated from Mt. Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore and attended Stevenson University in Maryland. Off. Langan is married and has three children. Off. Langan and his family are in the process of relocating to Lancaster County. Off. Langan will be assigned to the patrol division. We welcome Off. Langan and his family to Lancaster and wish him a successful and safe career.
From a Lancaster City Police Department Press Release (click here).
     This is beyond belief. Lancaster’s police department, desperately in need of diversity and city residents, now has gone to Baltimore to find a new officer. The last time three new officers were sworn in, two were residents of York County and one Dauphin County (click here).
    Who is allowing this to go on? Where is city council? Where is the NAACP? Where is the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission? They should all be demanding answers from Police Chief Keith Sadler and Mayor Gray. This is simply unbelievable and unconscionable!
     On top of that, we have the below very, very disturbing posts and links from Langan’s Facebook page (click here).  He should have never been hired and he should be let go tomorrow. He is the last officer the Lancaster Police Force, facing multiple civil rights lawsuits, needs on their force.  This is a direct insult and threat to every non-white resident of the City of Lancaster – and that’s more than fifty percent of the population. This is yet another outrage by the Lancaster City Police Department.





  1. huh? says:

    I am SO GLAD you got a screen grab of this, Becky. One never knows on what national forum this might end up on.

  2. galty says:

    You get rid of De Torres(sp) and hire Cops who a running to save their lives because they will be exposed if they stay.

  3. beentheredonethat says:

    Why is he leaving his hometown force after only 3 years and relocating his entire family for a job that pays less? Forced to resign?

  4. beentheredonethat says:

    Native of Baltimore…3 years on his hometown force, which was probably his lifelong dream…Now relocating his entire family for a job that probably pays less…Id be willing to bet he has left there under less than stellar circumstances. Cops are rarely fired but he was probably forced to resign. It is a lateral career move, at best.

  5. Frank Lee says:

    Frankly, do you swear or affirm that you will faithfully carry out the duties to protect gallery row and the convention center? That you will frankly never admit there’s a crime problem in the city authentic?

  6. huh? says:

    And, of course, he is a flag waving, gun loving conservative who “likes” conservabot websites that spew whatever misinformation he can find to back up his bullshit.

    Here is the deal on the knife. The real deal. He should feel right at home in Lancaster with its “our laws trump state and federal laws.” The knife is legally sold in Maryland and it is legal to carry. But in the city, the knife is illegal to sell and illegal to carry.

    So which law do you think he holds dear? Not the state law… but the city law… especially when it can back up his bigotry and hatred of the woman who indicted the cops.

    Yup. He’ll fit right in. I wonder if Prince the lawyer has anything to say about State versus city laws when it comes to what is legal and illegal. You can’t have it both ways.

  7. huh? says:

    Just when you think things in Lancaster city entire couldn’t get any more surreal and ridiculous… well…

    Maybe he will be partnered with Corll and they can go cop-raging through the streets.

    This is wrong and sick BUT no one who reads the Lancaster press or watches TV or whatever will ever know. And those that do would probably say, good, we need a guy like him to clean up the garbage that lives in the city.

    That’s the way it rolls in Lanky town.

  8. Rednek says:

    “Frankly,….the (fill in the blank) of the Lancaster Police Department continues to (fill in the blank”.

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