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   From the May 9th print edition of LNP regarding the hiring of former Baltimore police officer Nicholas Langan.

Langan     Why won’t he be giving interviews, LNP? He’s a public servant being paid with taxpayer’s dollars to protect and serve! Why don’t you ask Mayor Gray why the City of Lancaster, desperately needing to diversify their police force, hired this white, racist officer from Baltimore, LNP? Why don’t you ask the city council members, LNP? Was there absolutely no one in the city or county who could meet the qualifications to be a police officer? Wow, folks from Lancaster County must really be stupid!
     And the only thing LNP wants is millions in CRIZ money so they support Mayor Gray in every stupid and outrageous act that his administration puts forward. That money is not going to be coming your way, LNP! If you want to expand the Marriott, Hotel and have a rooftop bar, LNP and High Industries, use your own damn money!
     May is a very busy month and it’s not because of high school proms!
Please check back later today.

 [Editor’s Note: There seems to be some confusion about a disturbing piece I posted as a comment about Nicholas Langan (see the comments under the story immediately below). That piece is by his father in a blog he wrote several years ago (click here). I apologize for any confusion. I should have put the link at the top of the comment – not at the bottom.]


  1. huh? says:

    I can’t believe the paper even covered it at all. Seems like lately they have tried to rebut more than a few articles.

  2. beentheredonethat says:

    “Not giving interviews” means “ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies…”

  3. beentheredonethat says:

    “attended Stevenson University”. Wow! A real overachiever….

  4. Frank Lee says:

    He won’t say and we aren’t told why he leaves a better paying job in Baltimore to come here. OK. People quit jobs everyday for any number of reasons and money isn’t everything. It’s the part where he will NOT be giving any interviews that tells me; frankly, something is rotten in the state of the city authentic.

    • Becky says:

      If you go back several posts on his dad’s blog you will find this:

      2011 was also the year that Nick passed all the tests and was accepted to join the Baltimore City Police Department. He’d been trying to obtain a position with one of his local police departments for quite some time, and given a number of factors, including his age, the number of returning veterans applying for the same jobs, and the overall state of the economy, that he would succeed in finding a police job was not a sure thing. It came as a tremendous relief when he got the call from Baltimore City at the end of 2011. He’ll start the academy in less than two weeks, now.

      Hmmm… So all that work to get into the Baltimore department and now he’s leaving and relocating his family (wife and three children) to Lancaster for a lesser salary to be a Lancaster City cop? Hmmm…

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