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                     Suzanne Cassidy                      barbara_hough_roda
                                   Suzanne Cassidy                                        Barbara Hough Roda
     Where is an update on the 9-year-old boy who was shot on Easter Sunday, LNP? What is the shooter’s name and what charges will be filed? DA Stedman is quoted as saying the public is not in danger and yet there is a man who “test-fired” a gun in the basement of a crowded home. What is his name and what are his charges?
     On the subject of guns, this website by Mayor Gray to raise “defense funds” is nothing but lies and propaganda. 
 defense fund
     No one has ever been charged under this law that has been on the books for five years! Not one single person. The city filed another response to the NRA’s lawsuit on April 2nd – and once again, the opening paragraph of the 36 page filing states:
     Since the adoption of the ordinance, no circumstance has arisen requiring that the ordinance be enforced.
     So how does this five-year-old law that has never been enforced “protect our citizens and visitors from gun violence?” This is a flat-out lie by Mayor Gray and it is beyond absurd and a total, huge waste of the taxpayer’s money! There will be more on this later including a look at LNP reporter Dan Nephin’s coverage of this debacle.
Roda & Cassidy
      I’m in shock. The only thing I know about Cassidy is that she did write on a lot of “women’s issues” – like today’s front-page piece on college rape. But to write that editorial and to have a guest columnist write about domestic violence knowing full well that the Lancaster Police Chief’s ex-wife has written a book alleging he beat her for years and LNP has never once mentioned the fact is beyond all comprehension.  It is a direct blow to the face of every man and woman living in Lancaster County and inconceivable to any real journalist.
     She just showed her true colors and it’s just more of the same unbelievable crap and lies from LNP. It is total deception and it is absolutely disgusting!
From a post on this site on September 14, 2014, “A TERRIBLE, LYING START!” (click here).
      Notice how they are careful to say “sexual violence” throughout the entire article about LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy(click here). Domestic violence and sexual violence go hand-in-hand. What an absolute disgrace! From the article there is this quote from one of the women giving them the award:
     Having a news organization that is committed to providing the public with unbiased, informed and “truly accurate” reporting on sexual violence is “incredibly important,” Houser said, noting, “What’s provided in the press is what informs jurors, lawmakers and decision-makers.”
     I wonder if Houser knows that these two women have been purposely and repeatedly lying to the public about Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler for years – and it’s all because of their convention center and the almighty LNP dollar.
Please check back later today.   

6 Responses to WHERE IS THE UPDATE, LNP?

  1. huh? says:

    Any word on who lived the house where the child was shot on the sidewalk?

  2. my goodness says:

    I want to add ALL of Lancaster’s unsolved murders to my last comment.

  3. my goodness says:

    I disagree. It is fair. Compare the white school teacher situation to the Erma Kaylor situation, they’re not that different. I didn’t notice Erma getting anywhere near the accolades that the school teacher got. Erma was a multi generation, blue collar, older resident, I believe. Why the preferential treatment for the teacher? Who maimed and murdered Erma? When will this killer be captured?

  4. Frank Lee says:

    That’s not fair my goodness. When the white school teacher was murdered, mayor Dick (sans his bow-tie) showed up for a photo-op at the candlelight vigil for her. Watching him pose and LANP’s photographer going for different angles was too much.

  5. Frank Lee says:

    Mayor Dick needs to understand. If the NRA wins, there goes J. Dick’s excuse of: Frankly, I tried to do something, but frankly the NRA is bullying the city of Lancaster.
    Now if the NRA loses, Mayor Dick can recycle: frankly crime is cyclical, so frankly no matter what I fo, frankly it won’t matter, because, frankly, crime is cyclical. And frankly, you can’t fight cyclicalness.

  6. my goodness says:

    The only people compromising the safety of the people of Lancaster are the mayor and his administration by refusing to admit to the blatant crime. Has anyone noticed all the people that come forward with information every time there is a criminal incident? We citizens don’t cooperate, it’s our fault !
    Balderdash !!

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