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Charles D. Leayman

* LNP has finally issued a correction to their Sunday editorial (see below on this site).  This is on today’s editorial page:



Hello Becky –


First of all I was amazed to find this site online. Secondly, however, it is due to searching for items on the tragic issue of Chuck Leayman in Lancaster.

Yes, we were partners for a time. We eventually became steadfast friends (which is what we should have been in the first place) and we remained in close contact after I left Lancaster for California about 15 years ago.

The prognosis for Check is not good but there is no official news release as yet. You can probably investigate for yourself or I can notify you when a news release is official. Chuck’s only close relative, his sister, is handling this.
I settled out here on the coast not far from Lamar and Sally Hoover. We were in contact for awhile until Lamar passed on and Sally left the area. If you are by any chance in contact with Sally you might let her know about Chuck.
Thank you for the mention online. I’m still writing and am currently working on two books about film and music. And I just had a wonderful performance of my Rock Mass which was written way back in Lancaster. And I LOVE California! However, I’m still somewhat in shock over the current developments in Lancaster.
Ross Care
Ventura, CA.

       Thank you, Ross.  Please keep us informed.  Brandon Bleecher, 23, has been arrested and charged (click here). 


  1. Scott says:

    I have lost all respect for the judges and the DA of Lancaster County. It would have only fit on a piece of rice anyways, but now that’s even gone.

    Someone has to do something!

  2. Frank Lee says:

    Daddy or step daddy, either way Becky. Neverwet = $$$$$, which in our quaint banana republic, means wrist slap if convicted

    • Becky says:

      You know, Frank, when you asked this morning who he is related to I was just going to come back with white, Manheim Township kid. Look what your question has done!!! Douglas is either the father or the step-father AND uncle of Brandon. OMG!

      (In the lawsuit the couple being sued also accused Lisa of sleeping with a MT football coach. And the lawsuit on the Bleecher’s behalf was brought by none other than Leonard Brown, now a Judge, and of course his law firm back then was Clymer & Musser – before Jeff Conrad left the DA’s office and joined the firm and it became Clymer Musser & Conrad!) OMG!

  3. Frank Lee says:

    Lisa’s FB page is next to nothing.

    • Becky says:

      I know – it only confirms the Garbrick name. I don’t know if she’s always had it that way or if she cleaned if off following his arrest.

  4. Frank Lee says:

    If that is his dad, I smell a boot camp and stern lecture coming his way.

  5. Frank Lee says:

    Who’s he related to?

  6. Anonymous2 says:

    Exactly, huh?! Knowing his past history I find it unbelievable that a magistrate let him walk out on unsecured bond with no restrictions. He killed a man and drove away. So what, right, judge? I find myself so angry at the no-justice system in Lancaster.

  7. huh? says:

    Anonymous2, and unless he is restricted to his home, he is free to grab a set of car keys and do it again.

  8. Anonymous2 says:

    It is reported now that he was involved in two other hit and run accidents, but they were parked cars he struck. He got off scott-free and now a really good human being is dead because of him, and because he was loose to do this again and again.

  9. huh? says:

    My mistake. I saw that he had lost his license and then was driving on his suspended license when he was arrested again. So he did something bad enough to lose his license the first time and then he was arrested the second time for driving w/o a license.

    So if there was no alcohol involved in him killing the pedestrian, that makes him doubly cold hearted if he hit and ran. He can’t even blame being an impaired driver.

  10. galty says:

    Sorry Becky did not know that about one of the Mods(who) wont mention that site again, it is as you say a racist and a disgusting site and all that’s wrong in America.

    On a lighter note am landing in Vegas on the 16 Feb for 2 weeks….. a room going free if you fancy it.

  11. galty says:

    My first thought was when typing that it was a Million and then thought “no that is to stupid” so typed $100k

    But as Chad/ FDR said on lanctalk she was a flight risk.

  12. galty says:

    A child has a still born baby in school and is given $100k cash bail, the mind boggles.

  13. Robert says:

    I saw no DUI on his dockets??

  14. huh? says:

    Unsecured bail in this case is reprehensible. This man was picked up on a second DUI AND driving without the license he lost from his first DUI. And now, probably driving on a third DUI he kills a man.

    Unsecured bail is ridiculous. He could just get in his girlfriend’s car and drive drunk again.

    Is he wearing an ankle monitor? Is he confined to his home?

    Contrast this with what Jeri Wright got for picking through a dumpster. And that was before his trial.

    This justice has let loose a convicted repeated DUI offender who can feasibly do the same thing again with just access to car keys.


  15. my goodness says:

    I wonder what they had to eat.

  16. Rednek says:

    Hi Becky…I somehow managed to sit trough 45 minutes of the forum today on LNP.

    45 minutes of my life I will never get back!

    Who decided to put a microphone in front of Suzanne Cassidy?? Or Mayor Dick? Or Chief Sadley? We should have had Ed Wickenheiser from Channel 8 (York) to better mumble-mouth questions/responses.

    WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED by this dog and pony show?

  17. my goodness says:

    That’s the problem with Stedman, what he says and what he does are two different things.

  18. my goodness says:

    thanks but never mind I found it

  19. my goodness says:

    And which idiot did this???

    • Becky says:

      District Judge Jayne F. Duncan who normally does Elizabethtown but apparently was filling in for DJ Bruce Roth since according to the docket she arraigned him at 7:32 this morning.

  20. my goodness says:

    OMG, for killing a person!!!!!!!! This is just outrageous!!!!!!!

  21. my goodness says:

    I’m going to tie this in with what Stedman said at the forum regarding bail/sentences. Someone needs to get these namby pamby District Magistrates together and give them a talk about real life. They need to get their acts together and go for realistic bail and sentences. I was favorably impressed with what Stedman had to say.

    • Becky says:

      my goodness, Stedman sounds good but look at his actual actions. I no longer buy into Stedman. I’ll try to put some things together to show you what I mean.

  22. my goodness says:

    So sad about Mr. Leayman. This Bleecher person should NEVER have been behind the wheel. Hope his illegal driving was worth it to him now he must live with it.

  23. Becky says:

    LNP can’t even write a good “Correction!” 😛

    • Becky says:

      Police have not released his name but said they believe he lives near where the crash occurred.

      You’ve been saying that for at least two days now, Ryan Robinson! Is that what they taught you in journalism school? Is it? You wait until, and only until, the police “release his name?” If the police told you to jump off a bridge, I bet you’d do it!

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