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Angie & Randy


      The Discovery Channel is now running a terrible piece on the Roseboro murder that I told you was being filmed in April.  (click here and click here to watch the piece online).  I will have a lot more to say about that, but in the meantime, I stated I received a letter from a lawyer relevant to my coverage of the murder – and I wrote the below shortly after receiving it but never posted it.  It seems appropriate now and this latest coverage must have sparked it:
      A letter from a lawyer came in the mail on Friday. The lawyer who hand-signed it is a principal in a large, well-known and prestigious law firm. It is a long, very detailed two page letter and apparently I even have a “File Number!”
     To my astonishment, the letter concerns a post I made over five years ago during the Michael Roseboro trial and comments that appear beneath it.
      The letter states [I have deleted his client’s name]:
     Though the commenters on have a First Amendment right to state their opinions regarding Mr. Roseboro, even in harsh terms, they do not have a right to make defamatory statements about others in doing so, or to make false comparisons between Mr. Roseboro, a convicted murder(sic), and others. The malice with which the comments were made is well-demonstrated by their gratuitous nature, as the statements regarding Mr. [deleted] had no relevance to the Roseboro trial.”
       The attorney then asks that I remove the comments immediately and goes on to detail seven specific comments by the comment number, the name the commenter used, the date of the comment and the exact time of their comment.
       Perhaps most disturbing is his final sentence:
      I would also ask you to please provide the IP addresses and any other identifying information for [deleted] and [deleted].
     Let me remind you that he is referring to comments made in July of 2009!
     My response to this attorney will come next week.  Please also see this morning’s very important post immediately below.  I will return to this tomorrow.  There is so much going on – that is not being covered by the Lancaster Newspapers! 

10 Responses to SHADOWS FROM THE PAST…

  1. Talking says:

    You owe me tihe 42 minutes that I wasted watching that dreck.

  2. galty says:

    Clicked on your link to watch it live and thought it was a porn site(not that I no what a Porn site looks like)

  3. Anonymous2 says:

    Oh, please Becky, make my day and tell me that this bottom dwelling scum sucker asked for my IP address! My adoptive brother the lawyer would just love to make a very public stink about the Constitutional rights of American citizens and it won’t cost me a single penny.

    No one I hate more than blowhard bullies.

    • Becky says:

      Sorry, Anonymous2, it was not you! The one name I have no memory of whatsoever. But please be assured (five years or not lol!) I would never, ever release that kind of information without a court order!

  4. Frank Lee says:

    Maybe Brett’s masturbatory fantasies woven into the story?

  5. Frank Lee says:

    I took a look at her/their FB page. That’s gotta be a church directory photo. Such a happy Susquehanna Valley couple with their two kids and her bastard child by the guy who killed his wife. Hey Angie. Who was better in the sack-your husband, or the guy you cheated on him with?

  6. Frank Lee says:

    I’m curious. Has Michael been forced feminized, and is Angie back to being the good little bucolic Lancaster County family values wife to the guy she was screwing around on?

  7. Becky says:

    Starting at 17:36 into the piece, LNP reporter Brett Hambright says this about their first tryst:

    They really just went after each other. At this point it’s hot and heavy. Michael and Angela are going at this all the way. They were like kids. They really just went after each other and put their families to the wind.

    What a bunch of horseshit. I guess he was in the room with them? He didn’t even cover the trial – Janet Kelley did!

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