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  Det. Nathan Nickel1

      Lancaster Detective Nate Nickel hung up on me at 1:12 p.m. Monday afternoon. I was questioning him about the murder investigation of Heather Marie Nunn who was killed on Sunday, October 24, 2004.
From “Heather Marie Nunn” on the original LIP News website from January of 2005 (click here).
     This still amazes me.  Detective Nickel said:
     I asked him if a description of the gun used in the killing had been released to the public. He said, “No.” I asked him why not. He said I was “grilling” him. He hung up on me.
     It took Detective Nickel six years to arrest four men for Nunn’s murdrer.  One of the men, David Jordon, was convicted of third degree murder in the meantime for killing another man. 
     It was dreadful police work!  And I realized almost ten years ago that the Lancaster Police call the Lancaster Newspapers when they want a “news” item to go out.  Reporters are not supposed to call the police and ask them questions!  Nope, not in Lancaster!  The police answer to no one!
     And nothing has changed in those 10 years.  Yesterday, to my surprise, I noticed there was a video accompanying the story, “Who would murder Allen Hess?” (click here).  Normally the video to a story pops up with the story, but I had to notice a little tag at the top of the story that said there was a video.
     And Detective Nathan Nickel, for all of 1.11 minutes, looks at the camera and reads from a prepared statement with no emotion whatsoever and talks about the murder of Allan Wayne Hess and says absolutely nothing.
     How does this man keep his job?  Hess’s killer is still on the loose and may kill again.  The police are stating this man stabbed another man to death for a $500 TV.  Do you feel safe?  There are 15 other unsolved murders in the last eight years alone!  How does Det. Nathan Nickel keep his job?  How do any of the Lancaster Detectives keep their jobs?  How does Police Chief Sadler keep his job?
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  1. Becky says:

    He doesn’t even give the make or model of the stolen TV! It is a Toshiba 40″ LCD flat screen television 1080p/60hz resolution Serial #: 16T69178K1.

    When I originally posted the information with a photo of a similar TV (link below) a commenter said this:

    It’s almost been a month since he was murdered. That TV is long gone. I can understand the concept of the first forty-eight hours being the time that the detectives aggressively work the case, but a month to post this information?

    Nobody at the Lancaster Newspapers apparently is willing to ask the police that question! Detective Nickel might tell them they are “grilling” him and hang up on them!

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