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     LIP News has learned that three local TV stations, WGAL, CBS-21 and ABC-27 are all in Mount Joy at the home of Darryl Morton’s father, Harold Burton.  Burton told all the members of the press that “The families are not accepting this!”  The photo below is camera crew’s at Burton’s home this afternoon (courtesy Jerri Wright).
     There will be much more tomorrow.

TV at Burton's


     A family member who attended today’s meeting with the police and coroner prior to the press conference told me by phone afterwards:
     “This is a botched investigation.  Both families believe that.  This was botched from the very beginning.”
     Several of the many failings noted by the family member were the house was released (opened) after only two days, no fingerprints were taken in the car which police now say was the source of the alleged carbon monoxide after they had specifically ruled it out and told family members it had been ruled out within days of the bodies being found.
     There will be much more later.

** Carbon monoxide – are you kidding me?  This is unbelievable and unacceptable!!!

* TV vans at the forensic center at 1:00 pm today (photo courtesy of “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page).



   The Manheim Township Police and Coroner Steve Diamantoni are meeting with the families of Darryl Morton and Judy Cora right now.  The meeting began at 11:45 am this morning.  The couple were found deceased in their home on Thanksgiving morning.  The police and coroner will then be holding a press conference at 1:00 pm today at the County Forensics Center and LNP will be streaming it live (click here).
Please check back later today!


  1. huh? says:

    People who die of CO2 poisoning have a distinctive look to their skin and the whites of their eyes.

    And are they saying that the couple turned on their car to die in the house?

    Thank God more than just one news station is covering this story. Because they are a minority, they are always immediately written off by the Lancaster press UNLESS of course they are perpetrators of some heinous crime. Then the LNP can’t get enough of them. People in the area will sit back and watch the father on the news and say to themselves, I can understand why the dad is so upset… but our police department does such a fine job. It’s just hard for him to accept the “truth.”

    If someone wants to commit murder, Lancaster is becoming one of the easiest places to get away with it. Very sad. These people have been deceased for months and they are just now ‘figuring it out??’ If it was CO2, it should have been obvious from the first time they laid eyes on the couple’s bodies.

    • Becky says:

      After saying the bodies were decomposed multiple, multiple times, at about 26.20 into the tape Diamantoni says they were “severely decomposed.” I need an expert’s opinion on this. If they were in a house with the thermostat set to 70 and they were there for two or three days maximum, how “severely” can they be decomposed and should it have made such a drastic difference that it required almost six months for a final determination?

  2. galty says:

    Is this the case where they stated they could not find the cause of death after 3 months????

    CO poisoning is easy to detect by just looking at the bodies, should been sorted in a week.

    • Becky says:

      It’s been almost SIX months, galty. Tell that about CO poisoning to the coroner! According to him this stumped multiple experts for months. Diamantoni’s biggest thing is that the bodies were decomposed and somehow that made it so difficult it took SIX MONTHS! We’re talking three days here in terms of decomposition – we are not talking a month or six months! OMG! OMG!

  3. Anonymous2 says:

    This is like an episode of Psych. Honest to God, you do not want to die in Lancaster County. No one will ever know what happened to you! It’s like a Banana Republic!

  4. my goodness says:

    If possible, I now feel even worse for this family!!

    • Becky says:

      Agreed my goodness! I have never heard so much B.S. in my life! Even Stedman looked like he didn’t believe a word of it. OMG! I’m in shock! The police had RULED OUT THE CAR very early in the investigation! RULED IT OUT!

  5. Talking says:

    BREAKING NEWS…they know nothing, they see nothing! An unidentified officer leaving the press conference early was later identified at a Sergeant Shultz.


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