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      Jennifer Cutler’s (maiden name Phipps) birth mother, Carol Phipps, died in 2000 at the age of 40.  Her father (A. Kevin Phipps) remarried in 2008 to Audrey Davis.  Audrey has two children from her prior marriage; a son, Geoffrey Scott Davis and a daughter, Nicki (Davis) Habecker.  That quite simply means that Geoffrey Scott Davis is Jennifer’s step-brother and Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law.
     The Facebook posts shown below are by Jennifer’s cousin, the son of her uncle.  It is obviously true that theirs is not a  “blood” relationship and Jennifer and Geoffrey were adults when their parents married – but the relationship absolutely exists and they are step-brother and sister.
     This relationship obviously influenced the way District Attorney Craig Stedman handled this case and that will come tomorrow.  But this is a huge story and the public needs to be made aware of the relationship of the now identified shooter of his baby to a House of Representatives member – particularly one with Cutler’s stance on guns.
     The “live streaming” of Stedman’s press conference promised by the Lancaster Newspapers did not occur (I wonder why!) but portions of the video are included in this LNP coverage of the press conference.  There will be much more tomorrow.




Bryan Cutler2

     The father, Geoffrey Scott Davis, of two-month-old Kestyn Davis, the baby shot and killed on Christmas Eve, is the step-brother of Bryan Cutler’s wife, Jennifer Cutler. 
     Bryan Cutler has been  a member of the Pennsyvania House representing the 100th District since 2006 and is an up and coming Republican “star” in the state.  Cutler is also an attorney and his resume states (click here):
     The United States Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution are central to Bryan’s law-making ideology. Bryan is an attorney, and a proponent of America’s First and Second Amendment rights. Bryan holds the words and ideas of our forefathers in the highest regard.
     His resume further states that he is “a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).”
     District Attorney Craig Stedman has intently and purposely obstructed justice and kept the public in the dark to protect his political ally and friend.
     Stedman is scheduled to have a press conference this morning at 11:00 am in the Lancaster County Courthouse to announce his “findings” in the baby’s shooting death (click here). 
     District Attorney Craig Stedman should resign.
There will be much more during the course of the day.


  1. huh? says:

    Did the LNP follow up with more details about Stedman’s careful orchestration of this tragedy to avert any focus on Cutler and the family’s gun culture?

    Of course not. Instead “Stedman’s Compassion” was the follow up article.

    Tell that to every nobody who has a family member who has been murdered or robbed. See if they were given that same hands off, ‘we know nothing about Cutler’s relation to the family and we are going to do our best to keep it a secret’ treatment.

    The baby’s death is a tragedy. Stedman’s grandstanding and cover up is a travesty. This would be one more unsolved case had not the father called 911.

    Stedman has spent more time on what appears to be an accident and immediately solvable in front of the press. Anytime this happens, everyone should finally know to look further and dig deeper. Because there’s always a motive that has nothing to do with the dead person and everything to do with politics and furthering his career.

  2. daisy lee myers says:

    This org was mention in this case.. interesting responses on their Facebook page.

  3. galty says:

    ? When I post a reply on LOL I am moderated does that happen to the rest of you lot?

  4. carol power says:

    That’s why I read you everyday….you are great at uncovering wrongs! If every reporter was like you…. these political cover ups would not go unnoticed!

    • Becky says:

      Thank you, Carol! I try. And I wanted to point out – and will again tomorrow – that Stedman was confident the relationship would not be found out! The baby was killed on Tuesday and Stedman did not release the parent’s names until Friday. That gave them several days to take down all their social media – I have never seen two people completely wiped off the internet as these parents are. They must have had someone extremely savvy help them.

      galty – I think you need to use a different name on Lancaster Online! 😛

  5. my goodness says:

    Am looking forward to Stedman explaining this but it will evasions and side stepping

  6. Nicky says:

    Yes,this really does explain it all. If this had been a common working man he would have been in the slammer within one hour and a million dollar bail. Further his name and picture would have been plastered all over the news for weeks.

  7. my goodness says:

    Well, doesn’t this just explain it all!! Shameful. Had nobodies been involved they’d have been hung out to dry long age. I don’t know how some people can look themselves in the mirror or sleep at night.

  8. Big Al says:

    Great scoop Becky ! Now we’ll see how far the DA goes to protect this criminal.

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