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*     I leave believing that local newspapers have a good future, both in print and online.
     Warren Buffett, the famed investor who has been buying newspapers, recently said:
     “There is no substitute for a local newspaper that is doing its

Also from Marv’s “goodbye” column today (see below for the link).
     You see, the problem is, Marv, that the Lancaster Newspapers did not and are not doing their job!  Tomorrow I’m going to tell you all the reasons for that starting with your front page story today, “Gang activity down in city, police say.” 
     And then we have Robert Field.  Yep, the Robert Field who is rerunning the only good series he has done in his numerous years behind NewsLanc.com, the convention center series which deeply implicates the Lancaster Newspapers and their investment in the project, and he says this about Marvelous Marv (click here):
     WATCHDOG: What an incalculable loss to Lancaster!   The Sunday News under Marv Adam’s editorship has long been a genuine reason for local pride.   Adams has been to Lancaster journalism what Walter Cronkite and Edward R Murrow were to national journalism:  In Marv’s fairness we trusted, with very few glitches over a long and distinguished career.
      I will ask again: What planet are you from, Field?  It was Marv who told the public his bosses’ convention center wouldn’t fail unless a huge volcano erupted in Pequea!  It was Marv who every week counted the days in office of the County Commissioners because they opposed his bosses’ convention center.  It was Marv who ran nasty personal attacks against then Commissioner Molly Henderson because she opposed his bosses’ convention center.
     And that is the one and only locally reported topic of your online “news” website and you are going to compare Marv, the man with no journalism ethics and a liar to boot, with Walter Cronkite and Edward Murrow?  You’re just as pathetic as Marv!


     This morning, as the Sunday paper is being printed, I will walk away after nearly 44 years with Lancaster Newspapers and retire.
Marv Adams in his column today, “Writing -30- on a career,” (click here).
     Yes, I remember typing -30- at the end of my stories for Marv.  Adios, Marv!
     This site suffered a cyber attack this weekend, and as a result, I have no choice but to shut down the comments for a few days.  This will be temporary until the appropriate legal action has been taken against this previously convicted stalker and harasser.  
     Thank you for your patience.

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