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                                   Gil Smart                                                           Eric Dommel

     “…And it means a return to robust coverage of Pennsylvania Dutch life and culture, which remains the heart of Lancaster County culture and values.”
From today’s Sunday News article, “LNP names top editors for print and online,” (click here).
     This is one of their major problems!  There is no such thing!  This is absurd!  “Culture and values” specific to the county and the Pennsylvania Dutch?  Can someone tell me what they are?  What an incredibly offensive statement!  Have you checked the racial and ethnic makeup of Lancaster County lately?
     And this excellent comment in under this morning’s post: 
     LNP has merely reshuffled a worn out deck of cards, whose edges are frayed, the faces are the same, the philosophy is the same.
     Boring, boring, boring!!!!!!!!!!!
     Does anybody really care????????????
    Exactly!  The major name missing in all of this is Gil Smart!  What is his position now?  Does he have one? There will be much more on all of this tomorrow.
     I received two comments that have not been posted – one very long one – from someone claiming to be Eric Dommel under the story on this site, “WHEN ‘SISTERS’ TURN?” (click here).
     The second one was this:
     I respect what you’re doing. I have 7 sisters and I would never want something to happen like this to them. But my voice should be heard to. From this experience I made a promise to the world to try to help the war on drugs and human trafficing. That’s the real evil in all this and most of all other cases like this thanks for your time.
     I’ve never run into this situation before, but a few notes:
—- I noted at the end of the article that according to his docket, Dommel was still in Lancaster County Prison.  That changed, according to a new docket entry, and he made his $20,000 cash bail on October 16th on two felony counts and seven misdemeanor counts. 
—- I hope that Amanda has taken very serious precautions to protect herself from you.  You wrote a very interesting piece putting all the blame on her and none on yourself – which is absurd and scary.
—- I cannot verify it’s actually Dommel writing and I’m trying to figure out how to do that.
—- I wonder what his attorney would think of this.
    I am going to ponder this and we’ll see what happens.  For now, your comment is not being posted.  You also fail to mention your long history of assault and harassment charges!  And nothing gives you the “right” to put your hands on her.  Nothing!  Period!

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  1. eric dommel says:

    Did you have a chance to sit down and think about this situation. Just wondering if you had any questions you have my full cooperation all the way. And also I’m very sorry for my sisters disrespectful attitude. She don’t understand how serious this story is, people are suffering all over the world.

  2. hereshecomes says:

    First, PA Dutch traditionally encompassed those of a German background, like Lutherans and Catholics…your Cabbage Hill dwellers…not merely Anabaptists. Obviously, most of those families are well into their third generations and have lost the “Dutch”.

    And huh? Sabrina High is definitely not part of “those” Highs. None of them are Plain anymore, and most aren’t even Mennonite.

  3. NinD says:

    Oh I’m not debating nor and I defending anyone or anything. I am not on your side as i am not on hers. I’m just simply stating what is true. If a story is to be told it needs to be the truth and not simply base off a police report which was obviously reported by one person. You did do a bad thing and made a very poor choice but before people judge they should know the truth. Simply that.

  4. eric dommel says:

    I don’t want this to be a debate Nin cause this is far from a debate. What happened is wrong way wrong. The problem behind our community is the amount of drugs that flood our streets. My punishment for what my kids had and is going through at this very moment is chinese torture to me. This is about them and being a hand to my community. Our community is suffering NIND that’s the real story. This is the ripple effect from what is the truth. Sis if you want to help me defending my dignity is not what I’m looking for. I need help triing to clean up what is destroying everyones lives.

  5. NinD says:

    I’ve read every article there was on him. He is my brother and she’s been one of my best friends since we were in middle school. And I won’t disagree with what he did was wrong and that was physical. But what she did to him was emotional. And the degree of emotional hurt cuts deeper than any physical pain. You don’t mess around with ones kids. The children really ARE the victims. And if You think that Amanda is a victim it would only be fair to say that Eric is also.

  6. NinD says:

    And I believe that this article that you wrote was only one sided. You failed to post the comment from Shannon Hartley on why his reasoning was the way it was and as I know both Eric and Amanda, as does Shannon. And like Shannon said it did not give him the right to put his hands on her but if you REALLY knew every truth behind the story you might see Eric in a completely different way.

    • Becky says:

      NinD – did you read my first article on this? I’m not taking sides! Well, if anything, I am certainly on her side! What he did to her is beyond awful.

  7. NinD says:

    Also how do I read the first comment he posted?

  8. NinD says:

    His would only be one sided seeing that the police report was only one sided!

  9. eric dommel says:

    I’m very glad you seen I wrote you. I knew that the long peice I wrote was kinda one sided. But, I’m gonna be apart of this the whole way. You have all the time to ask me anything you desire. It will take more than a page out of the computer to to tell my life story. I’m not black or white I’m gray. You are talking to the real Eric Dommel.

    Thank you Eric

  10. anonymous2 says:

    The main Pennsylvania Dutch value I am aware of is the requirement that sugar be added to everything they cook, even vegetables. Yuck.

  11. Numbers says:

    I have seen statistics that estimate the number of members of different faith groups in Lancaster County. I believe the Anabaptist are estimated to account for about 8% of the total population. The question then is, though, does this count the children of members as the kids, obviously, aren’t yet members of the church.

  12. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Pennsylvania Dutch culture, as I remember it: 1. We ate lots of starchy food. 2. Use funny words like ‘struvel’ instead of ‘comb.’ 3. Shop on Fridays at the Green Dragon before all the discount stands took over. 4. Mennonite kids at Lincoln School had delicious lunch box meals while the rest of us ate surplus food lunches at the cafeteria. 5. Eat stuff like scrapple and shoo-fly pie once a month just to remind myself how much I hated it as a kid. 6. Finding out in High school German classes what all those words Grandpa used when he was mad really meant. 7. No place on earth makes pretzels like they do here. 8. The outside world thought we were nuts when we talked about eating pig stomach. Ah, yes, this is a culture worth defending [irony alert].

  13. huh? says:

    When I was young, perish the thought, there existed what would be called a Pennsylvania Dutch accent among more than the plain people. That accent seems to have been replaced with a sort of a Philly accent and you rarely hear non-plain people speaking with a ‘dutchy’ accent.

    As the accent phases itself out, so does any cultural connection to it.

    Speaking of Pennsylvania Dutch and cultural context, isn’t it strange that the paper hasn’t covered, to my knowledge, anything about the TV show Breaking Amish. I wonder if it is because one of the characters on the show is named Sabrina High. Hmmmm, could she be one of “those” Highs? BTW, she is adopted into the family High. Just don’t know if she’s part of “that” High family.

    The show is subpar BUT there are many plain people – actually ex-plain people – who hail from Pennsylvania. Doesn’t look like they are doing the “culture” any favors.

  14. FWIW says:

    At least 70,000 aren’t PA Dutch. According to this website: there are 30,000 Amish in Lancaster County. I haven’t found any source that details how many “PA Dutch” live in Lancaster County, but if I had to guess it’s significantly less than all other ethnic persons. We can draw this conclusion by tripling the number of Amish (Mennonites, Amish, and all other Dutch), which brings us to roughly 180,000.

    Conclusion – PA Dutch are the minority.

  15. FWIW says:

    County stats:

    City stats:

    Whites: 479088
    blacks: 23038
    hispanic: 46599

    whites: 33152
    blacks: 9789
    hispanics: 23602

  16. anonymous2 says:

    The problem is the difference between the county and the city. Lancaster city I believe is 31% hispanic. The county? Only when they have illegal immigrants picking tobacco/crops.

    And I’ll bet more county folk read the newspaper than city folk.

    • Becky says:

      I’ll check the city and county stats tomorrow. Question – how many of those county folk do you think would identify themselves as “Pennsylvania Dutch?” Even if they did, do you think they could identify the “culture” and “values” that supposedly come with it?

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