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                                   MISSING MONEY,
                                      A MURDER &
                               A DISAPPEARANCE?

         Please see the story immediately below and the below masthead of today’s Sunday News.  Yesterday’s paper clearly stated you could “save $334.70 in tomorrow’s Sunday News!”  Today is Sunday and now the savings are only $291.00?    What happened?  Where’s the $43.70?    This is just ridiculous!


   A Columbia man, Michael Anthony Fulmer, is charged with beating 20-year-old Nicole Jane Napolitan, but officials have yet to determine a cause of death.
     …Lancaster city Police Chief Keith Sadler said Friday night: “It’s still an active investigation. With any death investigation, you have to explore all angles.”
From today’s article on page B-1, “Probe in death of woman,” (click here).
    Reporter Brett Hambright is quoting the Chief about the possible beating death of a woman.  The article states authorities are not revealing “the  relationship” between  Napolitan and Fulmer.
    This is simply outrageous and unbelievable.  A Chief with a history of domestic violence is nvestigating yet another very probable “domestic violence” murder.    When is the public going to demand that this man be fired?  There will be more later today.


    Marvelous Marv’s column is missing today and we are told he is on vacation and “his column will rreturn next week.”  Will he really return?  Was he forced out quietly like former Intell/New Era editor Charles Shaw?  Is he the one who stole the $43.70?

Please check back later today.

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11 Responses to ERNIE LIED TO US!

  1. chris mcdonald says:

    That is the bone, Becky, yes. She died a slow painful death as the bone that was broken is the bone that allows oxygen to the brain. It takes many hours for the oxygen to be cut off completely to the point of being “brain-dead”. I know this information first hand as I’m best friends with Nicky’s mom. Yes, Becky, sorry-it is the hyoid bone. Toxicology report won’t be back for a few weeks. If you would have seen Nicky before her cremation there were bruises and bumps all over her head. For those of you that are NOT familiar with heroin, this is not a by-product of an overdose. It is a by-product of a beating at the hands of the accused.

  2. hereshecomes says:

    Are the toxicology tests back so soon? Usually they take weeks.

  3. chris mcdonald says:

    make that hiatal bone, sorry

  4. chris mcdonald says:

    Yes, Becky. Her hiatus bone was broken in her neck. Fluid starting building and built to the point that she couldn’t breathe. From what the doctor said it was a slow painful death. From what I also understand she only had trace amounts of narcotics from the night before. It’s terrible that any family has to endure this nightmare. No parent should outlive their parent. It just breaks my heart!

  5. chris mcdonald says:

    There were drugs in her system but just a trace. Nothing that indicated an overdose. She died of blunt force trauma to the head because she was repetitively kicked in the head. Mike was arrested for this and is currently being investigated for the murder. I know this stuff first hand as i was first on the scene. I was with her and her entire family at the hospital. She did NOT die of a drug overdose-period.

    • Becky says:

      Wow! Thanks, Chris! I’m just asking – if it was blunt force trauma to the head why wouldn’t the coroner say so? I have to read the article again…

  6. hereshecomes says:

    That’s what I was told by someone who knew the victim and I don’t know more than that.

  7. hereshecomes says:

    From what I understand, drugs are involved in Nicole Napolitan’s death. Obviously that complicates things in terms of the investigation into her death. In order to make charges that will hold up in court, the police and DA have to use all the information they can gather to determine the boyfriend’s role in what caused her death. I see nothing sinister or improper in the fact that the police are investigating futher.

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