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     We wonder if they understand how uncertain is their survival even as an Internet site.  It would not take that large of an investment over the next few years for to provide local and sports coverage and position itself to compete for advertisement.  It already excels in state and competes in national and international coverage.
     They need not be concerned so long as this Watchdog is in charge.  He may be the Lancaster Newspaper Inc.’s sharpest critic, but also its greatest admirer.
Robert Field of, “LANCASTER SUNDAY NEWS,” (click here).
     Oh, really Robert?  Would someone put some smelling salts under Robert’s nose and wake him the hell up?  What planet are you from?
Please check back later today.

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4 Responses to ARE THEY CONCERNED?

  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Word on the Internet is that journalism just got so bad that Clark Kent quit his job at the Daily Planet! When even Superman thinks the print media are getting too wonky, things are tough!

    • Becky says:

      😛 I meant to come back to this topic this afternoon and then was shocked by the death noted here. I’m simply stunned that Field apparently thinks he can hire one or two “reporters” and compete with LNP on local news and sports! LOL! I certainly don’t respect LNP, but I do have some idea of how many people it takes to do what they do – albeit, in their case, poorly – very poorly! But to put all that information in one place – all the news as well as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, business openings, restaurant inspections, bankrupties, lawsuits, etc. and then sports and all the local scores – well, that’s why LNP currently has 80 people on their editorial staff!!!! I remember when Field advertised publicly and hired someone for $40,000 a year plus medical and the guy ended up doing about one restaurant review a week. Seriously, and the reviews weren’t even very good! 😛 😛

  2. Becky says:

    I can see the steam coming from Becky’s ears right now, I suppose you must keep suffering as a want to be blog, only wishing you were a real journalist. I wonder why LNP didn’t mention you in their article? Oh yea, maybe because you are a joke.

    Well, lookee there! I’m in the first comment under the article on Lancaster Online! Jill really seems to have an obsession with me! I even think I might know who she is! A no-talent, LNP cast-off! 😉 😛

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