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    This was Stella’s response when Ron Harper asked if she wanted to take a shower with him again today! Yikes! I can only imagine the nightmare, Stella!
    So that is the “humor” for today. My patience has been running extremely thin lately and I’m not sure it’s going to get better any time soon!
    Harper arrogantly announced over three months ago that he was going to see the Bishop about animal cruelty and he hasn’t gone (click here)! And when asked about it, he turned nasty as hell! I don’t have time for it! He has time to post about taking a shower with his “model dog” (yes, Stella is available for your marketing campaign – that’s a looong story that will come later) but he hasn’t done what he said he would and I’m sick of liars!
    Now, today, this part of a comment came in to this site:
    Very, very odd behavior. Why would someone post this kind of info?
    I’m tired of this crap! Harper posted it for all the world to see on his Facebook page – ask him! Your claims of “odd behavior” on my part are simply nonsense and aren’t going to do one bit of good at saving Police Chief Keith Sadler‘s job. If you want to see “very, very odd behavior” turn on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” or google Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen, take a look at what‘s available on YouTube or just ask to be Harper‘s Facebook friend
    Then you can read about Stella (the model dog) several times a day and also be involved in his latest project! In the last several weeks he has announced he is going to write a children‘s book (he needs a collaborator!), he’s going to write a handbook on ethics for digital media (I told him that has already been done and he called me a “hater“), he’s doing a study on the proportionality of the length of a dog’s tail to it’s body length by breed (someone suggested he google it and Harper angrily replied that he likes to do his own research and studies!) and there was the morning he woke up and announced he was suing the owner of a blog five people read and said he was going to take his and his wife’s house, their cars and all their assets and the homes and cars of their parents as well because the blogger questioned the size of Harper’s penis (I pointed out that the statute of limitations for slander/libel/defamation had long since passed and he then deleted the entire thread) and two days after that he announced that he is a “constitutional scholar!”

    Harper also sent me this nasty personal message on Facebook:
    You take advantage of the access of being my fb ‘friends’ again and I will block you.
    Take advantage of your “friends?” I asked why you hadn’t gone to see the Bishop on my own wall. And it’s also one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read from someone who claims to be so internet savvy! Do you know how many people you would have to block to keep me from knowing what you post? Do you even have a clue? You better start blocking over half of those 1,200 “friends,” Harper! How pathetic!
    Speaking of pathetic, stupidity and liars, tomorrow will be the first edition of the Sunday News with a combined newsroom of both LNP papers and pulled out of retirement hack, Ernie Schreiber at the helm of it all! Will there be any news? Will Ernie keep a single one of his promises? We’ll find out soon!
    Harper, it’s a beautiful day! Why don’t you go to see the Bishop like you said you would and leave Stella alone!
Please check back tomorrow.

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12 Responses to “I’M GOING TO THE BISHOP!” – 4

  1. Anonymous says:

    you think Ron Harper makes your skin crawl?
    just check out what his bff Ben Vonderheide
    has posted on line

  2. cindy says:

    Typical Ron Harper….work with him for a while and you’ll get to see the “real” Harper in all his “glory”….Oh now wait, strike that, since he don’t really have a job anymore!!!!! But when he did….man, was he a piece of work……UGH!!!!!!! He uses his big, loud mouth to intimidate people and get people to back down by threats of suing them but can anybody really give a list of the “good” he has done to benefit anyone other than himself?!?!?!?!…what a “man”!!!!! 🙁

  3. I think Becky is AWESOME, Picking up the Slack…Have a great Sunday!!

  4. Picking up the slack says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you, Becky. You are aggressive, professional and very fair. You are willing to tackle stories that should be handled by the major media outlets, but because of the unholy alliances between the local media, politicians and wealthy businessmen, many important stories go unreported. Thank you, Becky, for having the courage to fill that void. Your writing is much better than anyone at the paper too. You ROCK!

  5. Hot dog says:

    It appears there was some confusion.
    I was asking why Harper would post such a thing and that Harpers behavior seems “very odd.”

    • Becky says:

      Sorry if I misread it, Hot dog! I appreciate your clarifying it. I don’t know why he’d post such a thing either – but he did! 😉 😛

      • Becky says:

        Maybe I’m just touchy! There are some people out there who still think they can write off this site by saying I’m crazy or only doing it for attention! LOL. Next week I will start my ninth year! Yikes!

        I do tell some people that the Chief of Police in Lancaster has a history of domestic violence that he hid while applying for the job and his ex-wife wrote a book about it but he remains the Chief and the local monopoly press hasn’t written a word about it and they do look at me like I’m crazy! But, I swear it’s true!

  6. Why yes…lol facebook.. Romeo Wolff and Juliet Wolff you can view them, but you must send a friend request to read about there life.My daughter is in charge of of them.

  7. LoL ..Becky, my daughter has 2 beautiful ducks available for a marketing campaign one even lays eggs that have sold. That’s right you’ve even carried one when they were little. Hope Harper takes better care of Stella then the Amish do there horses. He should of done the right thing and dialed 911 the day he took the pictures.

    • Becky says:

      Yes, he should have dialed 911! Do you have a fan page for your ducks? Harper has one for Stella and says she’s available for your marketing campaign! LOL 😛 😛

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