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    Rosaura Torres-Sadler, the ex-wife of Police Chief Keith Sadler, is interviewed and featured in the current issue of Motivos Magazine in Philadelphia.  How much longer can the Lancaster Newspapers and Mayor Gray keep Sadler’s history of domestic violence a secret? This is simply an outrage and as I’ve stated before, this blatant failure to report is going to cost the Lancaster Newspapers dearly. There will be much more later this week.


    On May 8th of this year I asked, “CAN YOU CLIMB THIS TREE?” (click here). New information into this site makes it even more unlikely that 50-year-old Louise Ward of Elizabethtown climbed 25 feet up this Eastern White Pine and hung herself.
    And why weren’t autopsies performed on Ward and Isabelle Bortree, who was found less than a week later hanging from a tree in Lancaster? I asked District Attorney Craig Stedman and his answer will come later this week.  



    After our dinner, Chef Greg came out to greet us. He is humble, a little shy and extremely sincere. He has taken simple bar food and made it different, fun and flavorful as well as vamping up the dining room entrees. The best advice I can give is don’t just order the tomato bisque, chicken wings, or a burger; venture out and try some of Chef Greg’s new spins on local favorites!

From “The Brasserie: A Local Favorite with a Little Secret!” by Allyson Pomeroy McClelland in EATMELANCASTER (click here).
    Four days after the date of this article, on Sunday, July 29th, Greg Henderson was found dead in his apartment at 46 N. Prince Street (click here).

    I asked Mayor Gray about this when my friend Jodi and I went to see him in his office on August 2nd of this year. Mayor Gray withheld an awful lot of information and you could say he flat-out lied. Is this an unsolved murder and why don‘t we know? The Lancaster Newspapers never even named Greg Henderson, the Chef at The Brasserie at the time of his death. There will be more this week.

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  1. carol power says:

    I lived with a father who beat my mother , my siblings, my dog and myself. It was the worst childhood! I vowed never to repeat that cycle and I never hit my children. Everyone who knew my father never thought he would be capable of such abuse. I believe you! Stay strong..your book will help other abuse victims. It’s just hard to comment cause I never want to visit that place in my life.

  2. I think no one commented because, many are still in shock or they just find it so hard to believe the truth.

  3. carol power says:

    Here’s another obituary—Greg–Henderson.html it mentions his family they might know more.

  4. carol power says:

    I found this on Greg Henderson—Greg–Henderson.html Maybe the lady who left a condolence could tell you more about Greg and I wonder if he had family that might care about if he was murdered or took ill suddenly ?

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