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    Harold Wenger, President, states “The Hamilton Club sees its role in the city of Lancaster as one of engagement. To bring together in one location community leaders, businessmen and women, philanthropists, educators and other professionals for the purpose of enriching their lives and our city.”
    We hope this is correct. But examining the 20 photos which made up the supplement, we note all were Caucasian. It was like viewing the Board of Trustees at Lancaster General Health.
From, “LNP already violated its “Pledge to community,” (click here).
    You didn’t really think LNP meant a single word of that did you? You could also say it’s like viewing the LNP editorial staff, the courthouse staff, the District Attorney’s staff, the Lancaster City Police Department, the County Prison management staff and on and on and on! There will be much more tomorrow.
    And today, instead of going to see the Bishop, Ron Harper posted this on his Facebook page:
    From the urban dictionary I find the word that defines so many of those that can’t seem to stop talking/writing about me: Hater ‘A person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. The formation of a hater’s contempt commonly arises from jealously and/or resentment.
    Little does Ron know, there are ten or so of us who meet monthly at the Hamilton Club just to hate on him! It usually goes something like this:
I hate Ron Harper!
I hate him more!
No, I hate him more than both of you!
I’m jealous of Ron Harper and that’s why I hate him!
Well, I resent Ron Harper and that’s why I hate him!
Well, I’m jealous of his hat and that’s why I hate him!
I like hating Ron Harper!
I like hating him more than you do!
I really hate Ron Harper and it makes me feel better about myself to hate him!
Can we toast to all of us just hating Ron Harper?
    Yes, it’s that much fun and then we toast and we toast some more! We’re proud to be Ron Harper haters and we have fun while we do it!
    Go to see the Bishop, Harper!

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