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    Okay, so the poster who started the conversation about my site has an unusual name with a “Junior” after it. Always curious, I googled it and uh, oh – his father made the news in June of this year and not for a good reason – not a good reason at all. It might explain how he came to this site in the first place. I’ll leave it at that.
    And he says on his Facebook page that he studied “broadcasting” at Millersville – so it in some way involves the news. So what is so odd about my site? Seriously? I agree – I don’t like the permanent box at the top but it has to remain until the items are resolved. They are that important! I recently tried to “improve” the look of my site. That is a sad story and there’s more on that below. But what in the heck is so “odd” or “unusual” about this site? Have you been on the internet lately? Do you know what is out there?
     To the second unnamed poster – you have a picture of yourself in drag on your Facebook page. LOL! The things people will put on their Facebook pages. But about the incest story – it was the first story to go up on this site in September of 2004. Many people originally came here to read it. The new design was constructed by a wonderful man in March of 2009 and he kept the incest story at the top as I requested.. I have always said a link to the incest story will always be on the homepage of my site. Poster #1 might understand why.
     Pete, the absurdness of your comment is just so incredibly stupid on so many levels I’m not going to touch on it again. Let me just say that while I enjoy your Facebook page,  the Lancaster Police have absolutely no business linking to it and I’m going to take that up with them on Monday.
    Regarding the Mayor and the Police Chief: I was Gray’s biggest backer when he first ran and if you don’t believe me you can check my archives. It was the day after he was elected and he turned on all of his supporters in a very nasty way regarding his stance on the convention center that made me lose respect for him. As the years have gone by, I have lost more and more respect with every passing day. He has become nothing but a puppet for the Lancaster Newspapers – and the Police Chief is another major reason.
    I was calling for Police Chief Keith Sadler to resign before I found out about his ex-wife, Rosa Torres-Sadler. If you don’t know why – then check out the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” and “UNSOLVED CRIMES” tabs at the top of this site. Apparently all you think a Police Chief should do is be pictured on a big horse and interviewed about how he likes to eat corn.
    And let me explain this to you one more time, Pete, if you run for Mayor, people will write about you! They might even look into your background! I know it’s shocking but it’s true! And having learned that, Pete, you might want to withdraw from the race immediately! There is only one thing that I can imagine that would be worse than Mayor Gray and that would be Mayor Ruggieri! This city is becoming enough of a laughing stock without adding you to the picture – have mercy!
    And the funniest part of all this, Pete? You’ve blocked me so you don’t even know I posted on your People of Lancaster (PA) page! OMG! What a fool! I will have a Facebook rant in the near future.
    Now, to all three of you “gentlemen:”  This site has published almost daily for nine years. It may not be the fanciest, most professional looking site but I work very hard at what I write and I’m extremely proud of what I post. And, yes, there are times I have a little fun (like today) but no one would read this site if it were boring.
    And let me assure you that the Mayor, the Police Chief, the District Attorney and the Lancaster Newspaper staff, among many, read this site daily. August is traditionally the slowest month for the news business but my readership skyrocketed this month and that’s because of Rosa Torres-Sadler and the Erma Kaylor murder and there will be much more on those items tomorrow.
    Now, very quickly, I have these three sage items of advise on what a “website designer“ should not tell me:
1. If the site takes more than 30 seconds to load – do not tell me that is okay! Do not! Five seconds will work. Nothing longer.
2. When this whole thing started because I complained about a site that took too long to load and advised that their problem is their server is in the kitchen and it slows down when they turn on the toaster – do not offer to host this site on the server located in your kitchen. Do not do it. This site will never be hosted by someone with a server in their kitchen.
3. Do not tell me you’re a website designer and then tell me you have no idea where or how to control the items that are being pulled from the site to certain boxes in the new template. Do not do it.
    Enough about my recent, sad attempt to improve the design of this site. It will stay looking like this for the foreseeable future. It works! I believe all “website designers“ should have to pass a test like lawyers do!
    Okay, I’m tired! I will have to save my Facebook and other “social media” rant for another day. I’m sure you “gentlemen” cannot wait!
    Pete, do me a personal favor and withdraw from the race now. Yes, you would afford me hours of fun and entertainment on this site – but sit up straight man – step away from the booze, the smoke and the mattresses – and realize that deep down you are not mayor material! And please don’t post any more pictures on your People of Lancaster (PA) Facebook page without the courtesy of first asking the people in the pictures! LOL!  😉
    Do you have a single brain cell left?  


(Unnamed 1) I’m not sure if this has ever made it onto this page, but it’s… beyond description…[a link to this very site!]

(Unnamed 2) How many people could really end up on the wrong page looking for “incest, a family tragedy?”

(Unnamed 1) Yep. That’s one of the many questions I had too.

(People of Lancaster “Owner“ – Pete Ruggeri – also running for mayor) I don’t know her personally but she started writing about me also, and posting pictures from my personal facebook page without the courtesy of asking. ? ? ? So I blocked their editor. No matter who the Mayor or Police Chief is – she’s against them, and she doesn’t live in Lancaster. I fully support their 1st Amendment rights but think they are a little coo-koo-for-cocoa-puffs.

(Me – Becky) I couldn’t agree more! Using pictures without asking? Who would do that?  😉

    This is the way the conversation appears on the People of Lancaster (PA) Facebook page (see the story immediately below)! I am not using the first two poster’s names for a reason that will become obvious as the story continues.
    It’s going to be a heck of a ride today so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and hold onto your seats because I’m going to be all over the road!

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  1. Please allow me to say Becky, I love what you wrote!! Outstanding.

  2. Oh great you found Supercofounded. What a very interesting person.

  3. I received a phone call…..I was told, don’t get angry if nothing happens to Keith Sadler because, people in Lancaster do not care what he did to you.

  4. It was brought to my attention not even five minutes ago that you are wasting your time writing the truth about my your Chief Sadler.

    It was emphasis that the people in Lancaster could care less that, he caused the retinal detachment of his ex wife, me (Rosaura Torres-Sadler).

    In other words, the people are okay with Domestic Violence, are okay that not only women, children and men are being abused.

    I wish you all the best of luck.

    • Becky says:

      I never waste my time, Rosa! Are you talking about Superconfounded or whatever? He/she is on my list for tomorrow! What are you talking about?

  5. Becky says:

    Just a quick note to brilliant Pete before I start writing: if you run for mayor people will write about you! LOL! He’s like a five-year-old!

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