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 * 7-30-12 – Will Sadler resign or will Mayor Gray fire him?



    Rosaura Torres wrote a book about it published in 2010, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge.” He caused a retinal detachment that left her with permanent vision loss.
Please check back later for more on this unbelievable breaking story!

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  1. Chunky Blue Line says:

    Rosa, when the truth is revealed the abusers and his supporters will go after you – the victim. It happens all the time. Stay strong and know that there are people reading these stories who understand your pain and support you in standing up and taking your power back. I applaud you! Plus I’ve sent relevant links far and wide to tell your story.

  2. I will write a short story for you. Thank you Becky.

    • Becky says:

      Perfect. As you said his own staff were shocked – all the people in Lancaster are as well! WE DIDN’T KNOW! A brief story would be great! Thanks, Rosa.

  3. Thank you Becky, I must apologize to your followers. I am reading some of these horrible comments, whoever this person is family or friend would rather protect my past abusers Keith Sadler and Anthony Suber.

  4. God bless you Becky, I posted my comments…..If they have any questions for me, I am right here…..I know in my heart that my parents are proud of me….Because they wanted me to continue the fight and I did……

  5. Becky, Keith had a Favorite saying out of sight out of mind. My children are a reminder of the past. When I was in court in April in Lancaster one of our son’s stopped to see him. Sadly, his staff was shocked. I wonder why, could it be some did not know about me? I could not answer that but….I can answer this. I knew that it was time. So many of us continue to keep the CODE OF SILENCE. I refuse to keep the CODE OF SILENCE.

    • Becky says:

      Rosa, a friend sent me an email saying people are confused because they did not know he had a first wife! Maybe you could outline a brief bit about your life with him – when married, when divorced, how many kids, etc. and I could also run it as the story this afternoon. People in Lancaster are stunned! They knew nothing about this and a different family in his past!

  6. OH MY GOD Becky, so many of your followers and readers would rather ignore the truth….Just like the Penn State Scandal. Many wanted them to go away. Now I understand why their names were never mentioned, look what is staking place on your Web Site…..Why do they continue to blame and abuse the survivor. They refuse to hold the abuser ACCOUNTABLE.

    Becky, continue your work!!! I am honored to know you!!!!

    • Becky says:

      Rosa, I think it’s one or two people who know Keith who have been posting comments all day long. I think most of my reades are supportive of you. Nobody knew about his previous family.

  7. I started writing my book back in 1999. I decided to come out after the death of my father. My mother and father told me not to give up, to speak out and I did. There were many errors in my book. My editor did a horrible job on the first fifty copies and it was corrected but….This does not matter. The truth is the truth. No matter how many errors there were, it does not change the fact that Keith is my past abuser. I did mention Anthony Suber, I wrote to Sotomayer about this, I contacted the US Attorney Generals office, I put in a complaint. I did it all……

    I don’t care if they don’t like my book, I and many more knew what he did. My children are adults, if you wish to contact them, be my guest.

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