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“We are one of the most viewed websites in PA, logging thousands of hits a day.”
Posted by a LancTalk.com forum administrator yesterday.
    I call BS! Where is this list of most viewed websites in PA? Your traffic is most certainly behind any newspaper or TV sites in PA which immediately makes your statement false. And I thought we all learned years ago that “hits” and “visits” and “unique visitors” are all very different items and hits doesn’t mean a hill of beans.
    And I thought part of the point of all this is that it is the world wide web. Barry from Canada and Galty from England read and post on this site (and I love them both dearly). And I think Chase from TalkPa.net might take exception with your statement as well.
I just simply don’t like exaggerators or flat-out liars. Period.
    And speaking of beans and forums, what’s up with Lancaster Online? They now have three places you can comment and it’s almost impossible to keep up. You can post directly under the story, on their Facebook page or on their “old” Trashback forum where a handful of jokesters led by the devilish “davebeans” are having a blast.
    However, new articles from the site are not being posted on the forum and they are getting worried. It could be the LNP person responsible is on vacation (that did happen last year) or they could be letting the forum die a slow death. But that’s not fair to the posters who remain so either start posting the articles or kill the forum, LNP.
    I would actually hate to see it die. I’ve been “covering” it so to speak for over eight years and I love forums. But if it does shut down, “davebeans” and any of the others are welcome here to write a piece or two or just post. Some of these folks are fantastic writers!
    Okay, tomorrow back to serious news and I’ll also finish up the “GOING TO THE BISHOP!” story – and believe it or not, I’m going to tie it into the Penn State/Sandusky scandal. Oh, my!

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14 Responses to I CALL BS, BEANS & MORE

  1. Cranky said:

    “In the end, I think the admin are just trying to make their readers feel like they are part of something big. Its a sales technique.”

    Wait, what are we selling? Please, clue me in, seriously.

    There’s no membership fee, not even a bullshit “supporter” option like some other boards have, no ad revenue (even when we ran ads), no sponsorships, beyond the folks who donate hosting and software and support without even asking to have ads on the site, no form of profit of any kind…. only a loss, monetarily and time-wise, to everyone who puts out to make the board keep running.

    So tell me, Crank-shaft, what the hell are we selling, besides an open community forum that isn’t controlled by a media corporation?

  2. Chase says:

    cranky, where is that found in google analytics where you can see other sites?

    • Becky says:

      Chase, I saw where you posted this on TalkPa.net:

      that doesn’t jive with analytics. the 17th we had according to google 351 visits.

      july 3rd we had 841 though, that was the high spike in the last 30 days.

      I get more than 841 almost every day and that’s no BS! I thought I was doing okay for a little old lady sitting at her computer and typing her heart out!

      • Becky says:

        Monthly Statistics for June 2012

        Total Hits 355303
        Total Files 258394
        Total Pages 67948
        Total Visits 28633
        Total KBytes 7638273

        Total Unique Sites 6709
        Total Unique URLs 2024
        Total Unique Referrers 481
        Total Unique User Agents 1310

        . Avg Max

        Hits per Hour 493 2805
        Hits per Day 11843 20368
        Files per Day 8613 14148
        Pages per Day 2264 4469
        Sites per Day 223 907
        Visits per Day 954 1288
        KBytes per Day 254609 384525

  3. Cranky says:

    Actually, if you have a Google analytics account and you look up LancTalk you’ll see they are in the top 500 in PA for page views and in the top 3000 for for time spent on the site. That may not sound like some good rankings but there hundreds of thousands of websites in PA. So I suppose one could make the argument that they are one of the top viewed in PA. The problem with this whole thing is that there is no real to tell, that’s because there are way too many factors to review and way too many tracking companies/programs, most are either proprietary or rely on other companies/programs for their data. In the end, I think the admin are just trying to make their readers feel like they are part of something big. Its a sales technique.

  4. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Where can I get my “BS” button to wire onto my tv cable box to delete all the negative American political ads?

    And, as for “rankings,” I hate to be the bearer of such news, but for the first time EVER the average Canadian is now worth more than the average American. And that’s not BS–its from the CBC news last week.

    • Becky says:

      I’d like a real BS button too, Barry, but I might hit it almost non-stop. Sigh…

    • Becky says:

      Barry, you’ll love this. I just heard a teaser on the local news that there is a hotel that is replacing the Bible in rooms with “Fifty Shades of Grey.” That’s no BS! Details to follow! 😛

      • Becky says:

        It’s a hotel in England! Figures, eh galty? The owner says nobody ever reads the Bibles in the rooms so he’s replacing them with something people will want to read! Love it!

  5. galty says:

    Think Chase proves that the Admin of Lanctalk.com is mistaken.

    Becky you are a Blog and will get a lot fewer hits, but still as a blog you are doing well agaist LT.

  6. Chase says:

    the only way to know for sure would be to post your analytics.

    talkpa gets 6.2k uniques, 10.8k visits, and 84k pageviews a month. this is down considerably from last year, talkdelaware is down too, we used to average 400k pageviews a month on both sites.

    here are the alexa rankings for comparison, alexa is not 100% accurate but they are pretty close. at one point talkdelaware was around the LOL.com territory of ranked 47k in the world.

    alexa ranks all sites in the world according to traffic and reach. this is the only metric i can see for “other” sites

    lancasteronline.com 47k in the world
    talkpa.net 3.1m in the world
    talkdelaware.com 3m in the world
    lanctalk.com 5.1m in the world
    lipnews 23m in the world

    regardless of all this, NONE of these sites, even lancasteronline, are even top 20, in “hits in PA” that is a silly statement, there are some very popular sites run out of PA.

    “most hits in lancaster, pa.” that could possibly get you there though….lol

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