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 *     WGAL-TV reports Rouit Bahadur is the man who was killed at 21 E. Walnut Street on Monday evening (click here). They also report the coroner says he died from stab wounds to his neck and face.
    The white pages list a R. Bahadur at the address in Apartment #4 with a phone number. I dialed it yesterday and the man who answered said I had the wrong number and said he has only had the number for two weeks. There is a family with that last name listed in Mountville.
    My heart goes out to his family and friends and hopefully there will be a very quick arrest of the person responsible for his brutal murder. 

Did you see this morning’s front page headline, “City police probe apparent homicide?” Am I missing something? Can the three reporters who wrote this story and the editor who wrote this headline understand English?

Did they not hear Police Chief Keith Sadler say in their own video of his press conference, “…it’s being ruled a homicide at this point. The deceased had multiple lacerations to the right side of his head and face,” (click here for the article and video).


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  1. well i c they got his killer real quick.. but what about nan erma they still didnt get him or her…when i heard about this i told my hubby i bet they will get his killer but cant get NAN ERMA’S……

  2. Who gives a damn! says:

    Becky, I see Erma Kaylor didn’t live in the right neighborhood. Like I said before if you really hate someone bring them to lancaster city and get away with murder!!!

  3. Becky says:

    LNP is reporting he was also strangled but that was not the cause of death. They state the coroner says he bled to death. Awful.


  4. Jaded says:

    Did you see how the police chief begged for help solving this crime? Is that because it’s on the better side of the tracks (north of King Street)as compared to the Cabbage Hill killing. He obviously wants to solve this one more? What other reason could there be??

    • Becky says:

      I actually didn’t see anything new in this one. It was the same old routine. He wore his best suit and matching tie and hankerchief though. I think he’s worried about his job and he should be.

    • Becky says:

      Or maybe I spoke too soon and you are correct. The Chief didn’t hold a press conference after Erma Kaylor’s murder and he complained that her neighbors were “overly” helpful, i.e. they spoke to the press.

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