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Well, wow again! This looks like a website, oh, my!
    Thanks again to Chase from TalkPa.net! He owns that forum and TalkDelaware.com, and I’ve been telling him for years how to run them! The fact that he doesn’t listen to me bothers me, of course, but then again, I tell everyone how to run their forums! 😉
    I’m making a wish list for him as I take a closer look and if you see anything you think could be improved, please let me know. A couple of quick notes:
— This site was taking a long time to load at some points yesterday. That is being worked on.
— We are still working on the “random posts” block on the right of the site and are still not sure exactly how, when and what it will fill in with! The “mystery box!”
— “Social Media” – I have a Facebook account but that is personal and I have no plans right now on taking any part of this site to a Facebook page. More on that to follow.
— I’ve had the twitter account for years and I’ve never used it. It is the least of my worries (Chase, maybe you could make that link even smaller). I have so much to learn here that I don’t have time to play around with it. The only time I can see it as valuable is if I’m covering a specific event or trial and that’s my easiest way to communicate. If that happens, I’ll let you know in advance.
— The “popular posts” are the ones with the most comments and those showing are from the Roseboro story/trial. I can’t imagine getting that many comments again on a story anytime soon, so I’m pondering what to do. It is an amazing walk down history lane, however.  
    I have to try to post this now! Again, please be patient and thanks again to Chase and for reading and please check back this afternoon!

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    Keep the old website….it is more user friendly.

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