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* We recommend that Adams take a month vacation and clear his mind. His comments in today’s edition are neither representative nor worthy of him.
NewsLanc.com, “Is the Sunday News is reverting to its sordid recent past?” (click here).
    Robert, Robert, Robert. The Sunday News never left its sordid past and Adams should take a permanent vacation! But, you make some good points in this piece and I’m too angry to type! Adams has thrown every journalism ethic out the window and he doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. Is it any wonder the Sunday News didn’t win a single journalism award? Beyond disgraceful! 


The public is warned that he is armed with a pen and mildly dangerous. Do not attempt a citizen’s arrest! Call your police department immediately if you see him at your local church this morning!

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  1. suzieq says:

    I feel once again, no one is “officially” taking the time to give the citizens of this county accurate and honest information. What is soo hard about that…I tell you..it involves all of the county officials, and it seems like it is a prevailing attitude with anyone else involved in tax payer money…..

  2. Rednek says:

    Artie: Thanks for clearing somethings up for us!!!!

    I appreciate the truth.

    Blessings to both you and Becky…..

    • Becky says:

      Yes, thank you so much Artie. I’m sorry if my patience is running thin (that’s an understatement, of course)! Years and years of fighting them and saying this will not work – while Marv viciously attacked the commissioners and told everyone this would be Lancaster’s salvation – and now this! I will take a chill pill and be okay in the morning….well, it might take a day or two… 😛

  3. Artie See says:

    Becky: just because LNP is receiving revenue from the hotel doesn’t mean they believe that they are being treated fairly. Perhaps they are being given a dollar amount without the actuarial data to back it up.

    • Becky says:

      Well, if that were really the case, do you think the best LNP can do about it is have Marv print a couple of sentences in the Sunday News? Seriously? I think you greatly underestimate LNP!

  4. Artie See says:

    Rednek: ALL revenue from activity held in the third floor ballroom or third or fourth floor meeting rooms of the convention center goes directly to the Penn Square Partners, which pay the LCCCA $99.00 a year to build and maintain that space – as well as the hotel kitchen and 50% of the lobby.

    Where specific events are held is being treated as if it were a matter of national security, but comments from various staff members indicate the PSP’s third floor ballroom and meeting rooms are quite a bit more active than the LCCCA’s second floor ballroom and meeting rooms.

  5. Artie See says:

    Becky: the current LCCCA staff and board is quite independent of the Penn Square Partners, as I noted in my previous post. Your statement would have been more accurate had you proposed that the Penn Square Partners and Lancaster Newspapers merge their sites.

    But what I see in various news articles and editorials is a serious division between Lancaster Newspapers and their other Penn Square Partner. Of course LNP will never publish a retraction of their many heavily biased articles supporting the project at the expense of reality, but on the other hand it sure looks like they don’t know how their own hotel is doing financially!

    • Becky says:

      Artie, someone at LNP is receiving money from that hotel. Are you saying that as a 50% partner, High can keep the finances away from LNP? How?

  6. Artie See says:

    Rednek: the LCCCA staff and board spends most of their time holding Interstate Hotels and Resorts and the Penn Square Partners accountable to taxpayers. LCCCA Executive Director Kevin Molloy really does earn his pay, working many hours of unpaid overtime to keep IHR/PSP honest. The LCCCA’s only other paid employee, Mary Ellen Davis, is VERY good and works VERY hard to keep the numbers straight.

    Volunteer LCCCA chair Kevin Fry spends countless unpaid hours watching over how our taxpayer dollars are being spent. And other board members like R.B. Campbell, Larry Hinnenkamp, Pat Snyder, and Doug Shand keep a very close watch over the numbers, as well as asking quite a few probing questions of IHR.

    The TRAGEDY is that the LCCCA for so long had a majority of board members who were specifically appointed to RUBBER-STAMP whatever was put in front of them. Previous members like former LCCCA chair Ted Darcus and former LCCCA member Joe Morales worked very hard to discourage other board members from questioning the very same agreements which have since put the convention center in such a dangerously unstable financial condition.

  7. Rednek says:

    Hi Becky…did you notice the photo coverage of the race in todays’ Sports section? Judging by the ethnicity of the runners, LNP must have felt right at home!!!!!!!!

    • Becky says:

      Sports section? Sports section? What’s that? LOL! I’ll take a look.

      Did you notice the Sunday News didn’t win a single journalism award. The Intell/New Era ran their winners this week on the back page and the Patriot News won a slew of them: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2012/06/patriot-news_staff_collects_ho.html

      I’ve been thinking about Anonymous’ first comment in and I had a brainstorm. Marv printed that in his editorial because 1. it’s obviously true but more importantly 2. I bet that’s what the Visitor’s Bureau is also going to have in its report it officially releases on Wednesday. This way Marv can act like he’s so damn smart and unbiased by printing it first! Yeah, right! What a piece of sh*t!

      Sorry – I am just so angry about this whole thing and how LNP has screwed all the residents of Lancaster County!

  8. Rednek says:

    I suspect that Marv’s “indirectly criticizing High” is merely a smoke screen for PSP to get a competitive advantage within the hotel industry….perhaps to provide ammunition for a PSP purchase of the Brunswick???? PSP is driving this bus, Marv is just along for the ride.
    At any rate…if Marv wants ‘full disclosure’ of the hotel tax issue…why doesn’t PSP begin with providing all of us with ‘full disclosure’ of just how much the Marriott is profitting off the backs of the Convention Center? How many ‘bookings’ are going to the Marriott versus the Convention Center? How much is the hotel “profitting” by the Convention Center assuming the cost of operating bills for utilities, etc?

    Who is holding PSP accountable for the taxpayer investment portion of this venture?

  9. Artie See says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if LNP is a paying member of STR. OR, maybe they can get it as a part of their Lexis-Nexus subscription (which is frighteningly expensive). In either case, it would be a reasonable news expense.

    It does appear that Marv Adams is INDIRECTLY criticizing High, openly questioning their agenda without attacking them directly.

  10. Artie See says:

    It sure looks like Marv Adams has declared open warfare on LNP’s “partner” in the Penn Square Partners. From the tone of his editorials over the past several months, it would appear that LNP is receiving little or no information from the hotel business of which they are (on paper) half owners of.

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that Lancaster Newspapers has been TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF throughout this whole affair. That doesn’t excuse their brutal treatment of anyone who dared to ask reasonable questions, but it does tend to explain what has been happening.

    • Becky says:

      Artie, I’m still not at all convinced. Words are cheap! Marv can keep saying that knowing there is no one to seriously call out High.

      I want to see this STR report if it exists! They’ve been vaguely quoting it for months now and using it as the basis for their right to know. Why doesn’t Marv link to it or post the full report on their website? Where did they get the report? Is LNP a paying member of STR?

  11. Becky says:

    Anonymous – I just asked this on the Lanctalk.com forum and I’ll ask it here:

    Can someone find this STR report they continually “quote?” How do you get the report? Do you have to be a “member.” How much does it cost? The STR website is here: http://www.strglobal.com/Products/Hotel_Market_Forecast.aspx?productId=95

  12. Becky says:

    Anonymous – I am moving your comment here as a word processing glitch made me delete the first post and repost it:

    This statement was published in an editorial from the Lancaster Sunday News on June 3, 2012:
    Among other findings, the consultant noted that the convention center has created little “spillover” traffic for the local hotel industry, that the primary beneficiary of the center has been the adjacent Marriott hotel, which is run by Penn Square Partners, made up of High Cos. and Lancaster Newspapers, publisher of the Sunday News.

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