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    Your question almost kept me from posting that clip from her website though, as I have no desire to be confused in any way with her and her incest obsession. But this is too important a story no to direct people’s attention to lip, since LNP and WGAL are apparently not interested in following this.
    This was posted on the forum on April 5, 2012 by “Makita” (click here) who today posted this under a Sandusky thread on that same forum:
    Think this is a victory to all children that have been or are being molested. Puts child molesters on notice they could be next.
    So, I have an “incest obsession?” I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it directly on this site for months, although the link to the incest story has been at the top of this site for eight years and always will be.

    Gee, do you think, Makita, since you care so deeply about children being abused, that there’s a reason it stays permanently at the top of this site?  Do you think it changed my life? Do you think I want to bring awareness to it? Do you think I want to stop the abuse of other children?
    Sorry, I’m too angry to type today and the promised story will come tomorrow.
    Yes, I am thrilled by the Sandusky verdict but there are just too many hypocrites like “Makita” on the web and Facebook for me to deal with today.
    This is the exception and showed up on my Facebook wall (thank you):
    With Sandusky’s conviction, we have shown survivors of sexual abuse that the molesters will be found, prosecuted and found guilty. But enough about them, this is for you survivors. There is a 24hr hotline 717.392.7273 that is staffed by trained volunteers that you can call to get info for free services to help you through this horrible ordeal. Maybe it happened 5 minutes ago, maybe when you were 5years old. It doesn’t matter. They believe you. If you want to make an appointment to talk to a counselor, call 717.393.1735 ext 225 for Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center 9-5, Mon – Fri. All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL, Lastly, If you think something hinkey might be going on with someone you know, please call the center or hotline. They can give you info so you can make a decision on how to proceed. The kids are counting on us. Thanks for listening.

Click here for “INCEST: A FAMILY TRAGEDY.”

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  1. galty says:

    Allright I should proof read my missives.

    Orignal word was dolally.

    • Becky says:

      Galty, your spelling is still wrong! It has a double “o” – doolally! I wonder who is the crazy one here? 😉 😛 You didn’t even come close! LOL!

  2. huh? says:

    It’s scary that I think I know what you are talking about Becky.

    The Do Dally part? I’m in the dark too on that one!

    • Becky says:

      I even googled “do dally” and didn’t find galty’s use! LOL! It was a brief google – did not go indepth but I think galty has some explaining to do!

      I think maybe you do know, huh? 😉 Shouldn’t let it get under my skin!

  3. galty says:


    Def of Do Dally… insane,

  4. galty says:


    Are you pissed or have you finaly gone Do Dally?

  5. huh? says:

    I just read the post that you attribute to Makita. I think you might be a bit confused (not to worry, I get confused from all these forums and the different posting methods).

    It looks like Makita had ‘accused’ treehugger of being you. And the part you quoted was a private message that Makita received from treehugger and posted it in response.

    So whoever treehugger is, that was the person who stated that you have an ‘incest obsession’ in the PM to Makita.

    • Becky says:

      It looks like you are right. God, keeping track of this stuff is mindboggling! And I think Evil Pete, who is running for Mayor, has blocked me from his Facebook page! LOL! That is over the top! He’s running for Mayor and he blocks people? OMG! What’s he hiding?

      I’ve had my fill of the internet today. A friend keeps telling me I should take this site to Facebook and keep it there. I love her dearly but she is clearly nuts. This is a website and will remain a website. Period. Facebook has about two more years. Now, I’m going to go block some people I don’t know from my Facebook page just becaise I can. Yippee! 😛

      • Becky says:

        And cats! I mean “real” cats as in meow. I am blocking all and any cats from seeing my page. Just thought I’d put that out there! You cats know who you are! 😛

        • Becky says:

          And people who make more than four status updates a day! And anyone who posts a stupid question/”thought” and then orders: “FB: discuss.” And… hell I could be here all night.

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