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    The Lancaster Sunday News and their reporters did not win a single Keystone Press Award (click here) or an Associated Press Managing Editor’s Award (click here) this year. Not one.
    I was going to cover this in much greater detail today, but there are just too many other things to cover – items that detail just how awful and unethical this paper has become.

1.   The murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor in her Lancaster home on Wednesday. We haven’t seen a picture of her and we haven’t heard from her family. The public is scared and Police Chief Keith Sadler said we have every right to be scared. He said there is an evil killer on the loose.
    So why didn’t the Sunday News do their journalistic responsibility and provide an update on this investigation? Why aren’t they holding the Chief and the detectives accountable?
    This is simply unbelievable. Detectives can’t be this dreadful at their jobs! Why aren’t murders being solved in Lancaster County?

2.   The Convention Center/Hotel in which the Lancaster Newspapers are unethically a 50% business partner. Their lead front page headline today: “Convention center paradox: doing well, but deep in debt.”
    That is so ridiculous and slanted it’s mind-boggling. I will have much more this week – but I suggest it is time for the Lancaster Newspapers to open their wallet and pay for this monstrosity they forced upon us.

3.   In his column today, editor Marv Adams says this:
      Russ Glass, the assistant court administrator, explained in an email that the county’s jury list is made up of names obtained through the state Department of Transportation “of licensed drivers with a valid license or photo ID who reside … [in] Lancaster County. Essentially, if an individual has a valid license at the time of our request, their name will appear on the list — whether they be alive or deceased.”
  This better not be true or any conviction in Lancaster County will be and should be thrown out. Jurors are chosen from voter’s registration lists and licensed drivers. I will follow up with the court on Monday. Can Adams truly be this stupid and inane?

4.   Chip Smedley, part of their “investigative team” and their “Watchdog” column reporter opens his article this week with:
    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Not only has the Watchdog dated himself with a reference to a Five Man Electrical Band tune, but he has segued into the issue for this week.
    Is this a serious column? I didn’t know “Chip” is also a comedian and a really, really lousy one at that. This is terrible! This is awful! Oh, my God!

    I need to stop before my blood pressure goes any higher. It is plain to see why this paper did not win a single journalism award this year.
    This is so intensely scary for the people of Lancaster County who rely on these papers to tell them the truth, hold their public officials accountable and make protecting and serving their readers their only priority.
    The Lancaster Newspapers stopped doing that years ago and everyone is starting to take notice.

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4 Responses to NOT A SINGLE AWARD!

  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    “Chip and Gil,” weren’t they Disney cartoon rodents?

  2. Rednek says:

    Hi Becky…random thoughts on the above…

    1. Nobody holds LNP accountable for anything, why should we expect them to hold anyone else accountable for anything? A monopoly always gets its’ own way.

    2. Scott Martin sounds like he may try to hold PSP acountable; but doing so will probaby cost him his elected office.

    3&4 Marvelous Marv and Chip…not exactly Batnman and Robin…more like Mutt and Jeff!!!! Both are clueless.

    • Becky says:

      Redneck, as always, you are right on top of things! I’m really in shock over the whole jury thing. Maybe Marv just printed the part of the email he wanted to? I’ll find out for sure!

      Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! 🙁 😉 😛 Can you imagine Marv, Chip and Gil all in one room?

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