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    “Chief says police will catch killer” is this morning’s huge front page headline in the print edition of the Intell/New Era.
    Well, that’s his job! Let’s get on it Chief, and arrest this killer!
    Yesterday I linked to WGAL’s November 10, 2010 piece on the unsolved murder of Juan Lopez (click here).  At the very end, did you catch what reporter Ron Martin says? He says: “Tomorrow we go to York County for Hanover’s only unsolved murder.”
    They only have one? Yes, I know Hanover is considerably smaller than Lancaster, but there is still something very, very wrong here and I will have much more on this later.
    Did you also catch Detective George Bonilla in the piece? He’s due to receive an award in several days and I have a lot more to say about him!
    Did you see today’s other headline: “Report: Convention center doing OK?” No, it’s not! Where’s LNP’s disclaimer on this story?
    There’s a lot to cover including updates on my requests to find out if autopsies were performed on the two women found hanging from trees within a week – and I’m all excited – I have another Sunday surprise for Sunday News Editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams.
    You know, I work very hard at these surprises and I hope he’s appreciative! This one is pretty darn good!
Please check back later today.

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5 Responses to AND HE’S NOT VERY GOOD AT IT!

  1. Switz says:

    As soon as the Chief is done with his barbeque, we’ll get on this case. Nothing…. and I mean nothing…..gets in the way of a good barbeque.

    • Becky says:

      The chief does enjoy his grilled corn, if I remember correctly! 😛

      • Becky says:

        LNP just posted “Finding his inner ninja” and I thought it was about the chief! It’s not. It’s the longest most boring story by a 16-year-old wanna be writer that I have ever read. An editor would be doing this kid a favor by cutting this piece of crap in half!

        • Becky says:

          OMG! Cut this monstosity down by three-quarters! Is this the future of journalism? 🙁 🙁

          “The best way to describe the cliffhanger is rock climbing without using your feet,” said William.

          The new obstacles they built allowed William to practice the actual stunts found on the show. William remains dedicated to training and increasing his stamina and strength. He enjoys practicing and mastering the obstacles in his back yard.

          “It’s somewhat meditative for me. I can go to my back yard and focus on one thing, which clears my mind,” said William.

          For William, the obstacles give him a way to challenge and better himself. However, William is not able to master the stunts in three or four tries. It takes perseverance, which can be very frustrating.

          🙁 🙁

          • Becky says:

            William dedicates an extensive amount of time and effort to training, and eventually realized he needed a place where he could strengthen his abilities and practice the obstacles found on the show. His parents also realized he was very passionate about training for “Ninja Warrior,” so they agreed to build a ninja training ground for William in their backyard.

            “Some kids want to play soccer and their parents support them by letting them join a soccer team. William wanted to become a ninja warrior, so I supported him by helping him build a training course in the backyard,” said Bill Schlageter, William’s father.

            😛 😛 😛 (It must be nice to have money, eh?)

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