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                  UNHEARD OF LOWS!

If Marv Adams were in the House or Senate, he’d be brought up before the Ethics Committee and kicked out. It is shocking and disgraceful what this man is doing in the name of journalism.
    First, Marv used his position as editor of the Sunday News to relentlessly push for his bosses’ convention center/hotel project built with the public’s money.
    He called those opposed “naysayers” for years. He repeatedly put us down and treated us with scorn and sneers.
    He had a countdown of the commissioners’ days in office every week in his column because they opposed his bosses’ project.
    He viciously and personally attacked commissioner Molly Henderson because she was opposed to his bosses’ project. He said Molly Henderson wasn’t very good at math.
    He repeatedly told us his bosses’ project couldn’t fail and even had the unmitigated gall to compare its failure to “a huge volcano erupting in Pequea Township.”
     Marv Adams totally abandoned his ethical and moral responsibility to inform the public and tell the truth to keep his job.
    Now, just several years later, the convention center has failed and is a financial disaster. And Marv is pretending to be the public’s hero by obtaining information from his bosses’ competitors to give to his boss.

    That’s right: It’s the most blatant, sickening conflict of interest I have ever seen and he and the Lancaster Newspaperss are taking journalism to unheard of new lows.
    This will be continued tomorrow.

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3 Responses to MARV ADAMS & LNP…

  1. Rednek says:

    LNP lost all it’s ethics with the passing away of the Steinman founders. While the Steinman family has been extremely successful business people for generations, I can’t that they EVER put the public at risk with any of their previous ventures. The Steinman’s put their own money at risk. Jack Burkholder changed all of that when he got into bed w/ Dale High. The editorial staff ‘fell into line’ and blatantly followed the company line without regard to the taxpayers or public servants. Marveleous Marv led the way….what a pimp!!!!!

  2. Jodi says:

    Undercover cops…….

  3. Jodi says:

    Was with my grandson and daughter at church today making platters and food for a funeral later this week.My 9 yr old grandson was telling jokes and said this “memaw what do you call cops who are afraid to catch bad guys?.”…….

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