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    The Lancaster Newspapers won’t hire minorities but Sunday News editor, Marv Adams, hired this freak!
    You think that’s cruel? That is a fish hook coming out of her lip and hold on – there’s a lot more coming (click here for her article, “How I look, and why”).
    If you recall, last week, LNP President and CEO, Harold E. Miller, Jr. was quoted in an article titled, LNP president issues apology for phone number in advertisement,” (click here). Now, I’m going to come back to this bogus and absurd “apology” many, many times over the next few weeks, but let’s remember Miller says this:
    “Our readers have come to depend upon our good judgment and discretion in determining the taste, tone and nature of the advertising to be admitted into their homes. We will continue to monitor and review all of our content with these qualities in mind.”
    With the internet, that is just nonsense but let’s play along with Miller! Curious about their employee with the fish hook in her lip, stretched earlobes and tattoos, I googled Kate Frese and found her Facebook business page. That’s correct, this is not her personal Facebook page but the one for Kate Frese Photography.
    Kate likes to photograph “punk” bands and posts things like this (with my substitution of asterisks):
    Ah f*ck it. new jam, Expendable, posted on our stereokiller page. Go jam that sh*t right now because we’re pulling it in way less time than we allowed the last song to stay up. We’ll be playing this one on Saturday as well.
    Hey, bands! It’s finally not cold outside! Let’s shoot some promos or album work before it gets hot as balls!
    Hey, Mr. Miller, that’s nice taste, tone and nature! But it gets better.  One of the bands she “likes” on her Facebook page is “Copkiller.” You read that correctly. So I clicked on their profile photo and went to their disgusting, sick Facebbok page and then I found five of their songs you can listen to for free! These are the titles:
Kill The Police
Privileged White F*ck
Eat Dirt
Suck My Faggot D*ck
Full of Sh*t
If you don’t believe me, you can click here – and this page, except for the song titles, is viewable without seeing revolting graphics and photos.
    Nice job, Miller and Marv! She’s a treasure! You could walk out on King Street and drag in the first person you find and they’d be better than this freak!
    I actually can’t believe a band is titled Copkiller and one of their songs is “Kill The Police.” If a black man stood outside the Lancaster Newspaper offices and said that to a policeman, he’d be in jail. Maybe a white person, too!
    I may be out of touch with today’s youth, but this is disgusting and she is an employee of the newspaper that talks about “good judgment” and “discretion.” Is that a joke?
There will be more on this in the days ahead.

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  1. William H. says:

    Which Penn Square Partner, or pro-convention center politician is she related to?

  2. Montaque McFadden says:

    Wow! Is this a REAL person working with the New Era? No offense but she is a little FREAKY! I am only being HONEST.

  3. huh? says:

    PS – Her personal facebook page is there. She’s wearing a black ski mask.

  4. huh? says:

    Byline says she’s an ‘editorial assistant’ for the Sunday News. Oh that Marv… so edgy, so hip, so rad, so dope. Are we supposed to think that Marv is hiding his Sid Viciousness under that Howdy Doody mug of his… and she is the physical manifestation at just how edgified he really is.

    My nieces sang the same song that she writes about here. And as noted by other posters, they are in the process of trying to figure out how to disguise their tattoos until they can afford to get them removed. Which of course will leave scarring. At the moment, another young woman I know is hunting high and low for some sort of cosmetic cover for her tattoo’d arms because, of course, she wants to wear a strapless gown for her wedding.

    My first impression of people who do that to their ears is why? why? why? Unlike the tattoos which can be covered, this young woman has ruined her ear lobes permanently.

    So Marv would rather hire an assistant tatted up to the nines, fishhook in her mouth, and stretched out ears. Poor judgment Marv. Poor judgment. The Sunday News is NOT the Village Voice. Far from it. And yes, unfortunately, she makes a very bad first impression.

  5. REDNEK says:

    Can’t say that I’m “drooling”….just hoping to supplement my 2 part-time jobs and pension. And I do appreciate all of the younger folks that have the opportunity to contribute to social security as well as their own retirement plan. I figured I might as well grab what I can while I can, before either I or it dissappears!!!! :>

  6. barryinwinnipeg says:

    I read a sociological piece that said that people tend to get more piercings and tattoos as social anxiety increases. Apparently, it’s a way of staking borders around yourself lest you get overwhelmed by what’s happening out there. But, still, my first reaction to all you researched about this individual was “Holy Crap!” And to REDNECK who’s drooling over getting a Social Security check, let’s hear it for all those young adults out there in the workforce whose income deductions help fund our monthly SSA checks; “Thank You All!”

  7. REDNEK says:

    An additional thought….would Marvelous Marv allow his daughter to look like this?????

    • Becky says:

      There was a story on CBS-3 in Philly last night about people getting tattoos removed because of the tight job market and the tattoos turning potential employers off. No, as long as she’s under 18 and under his control, I am sure Marv would not let his daughter look like this. This is above and beyond anything I’ve seen. The fish hook is too much and she should see a shrink to find out why she does it!

    • Becky says:

      I will write on anything and today I wrote down the five songs on the back of my grocery list. I had to rewrite the grocery list because can you imagine if someone saw it in the store? OMG! 😛

  8. REDNEK says:

    LNP has been a joke for a long time….this is simply another example. I doubt if LNP will ever print this picture along with a by-line. While she may be ‘attractive’ to a certain minority segment of our populace, she certainly doesn’t create an attractive appearance for the vast majority of LNP’s dwindling readership. And this won’t add many new subscribers.

    I guess my age and upbringing (I enroll for Social Security next month) are beginning to show.

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