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    With all these different articles about court reform, is there a comparison to other counties?
Posted on the LancTalk.com forum under today’s article, “ARD program cuts caseload for courts.”

    No, there are no comparisons. This appears, again, to be District Attorney Craig Stedman running to the Lancaster Newspapers and requesting their help to turn things his way. And unbelievably, reporter Jack Brubaker and Sunday News editor Marv Adams are trying to do just that.
    The opening sentence to today’s lead story in this series, “Justice Delayed, Part 2: A new order in the court?” is:
    Lancaster County’s customarily collegial legal community is in the midst of a spirited debate over what to do about its criminal justice system.

    That’s because the Sunday News started the debate! This is absurd! There are so many articles to read that I will come back to this tomorrow.
    But I will state again – it is the ultimate corruption of the press that the Sunday News is secretly meeting with court officials in an attempt to change the criminal justice system with no input form the public. It is an outrageous abuse of their power.
    I have also been taken today by a poster with a spider avatar weaving a web of lies and deceit – not unlike Jack Brubaker. “FORUM WARS!“ will return this week!

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3 Responses to PIMPING FOR THE DA!

  1. Artie See says:

    It is entirely possible that the powers-that-be at LNP do NOT know the details about the Marriott’s profitability. As one of the better local reporters told me, the PSP treats their figures as if they were a matter of national security.

    LNP never was an equal “partner” in the PSP. Rufus Fulton was tipped off about what was going down (and he LISTENED); he got Fulton Bank untangled from the mess before it was too late. But LNP had spent nine years heavily promoting the project, and couldn’t get out of the project without a backlash from its readers and the local plutocracy that could have threatened its existence.

    There were MANY hints over several years that all was not well between PSP and LNP. Whatever their original motivation may have been, LNP was USED as a pawn so others could take their outrageous profit margin from taxpayers, just like the public was, and possibly even the courts.

    It would be no surprise at all if LNP really does not know what the PSP is up to. Marv Adams’ RTK appeal could very well be just a symptom of something that goes far deeper.

  2. Rednek says:

    Hi Becky…as you so astutey suggested several weeks ago regarding the disclosure of the Marriott Hotel finanical ‘contributions’ to the Convention Center…if Marv truly desires for the public to know…it doesnt take a ‘right to know’ ruling (see todays’ article on lower page 1)…just rap on Ms. Steinmans’ office door (I’m sure she doesn’t have a cublicle!!) and ASK.

    Gil and Marv are up to ‘no good’ with this ‘right to know’ thing.

    • Becky says:

      Oh, Rednek, I know and thank you! I will get to this. All Marv has to do is go upstairs and ask his boss for the figures on the Marriott. Why hasn’t he done it? Why? 😉 😛

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