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                                                         INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!
    Great–things are all fixed up just in time for the giant solar flare to knock us all back to the Dark Ages!
    Barry In Winnipeg made it through in the comments! Good to hear from you, Barry!
    Speaking of the Dark Ages and Rush Limbaugh, I have never seen a topic have such legs on forums in my life. The debate and name calling carries on.
    And, joy of all joys, “Iva Bigbottom” is still going strong on TalkPa.net with all the members from the Dark Ages under a thread he started titled: “Rush calls nice girl a slut.”
    Iva was questioned as to why he was so worried about Rush’s sex life. His response:
    Not his sex life, his morals. You do realize that a thrice divorced boner pills eating drug addict who hates women, represents all those who either excuse him or are fearful of him?
     That is the entire GOP.
    And just when Santorum was getting some traction from the suckers proclaiming himself as the heir apparent to Jesus.
    Well if Rick has to choose between Rush and Jesus it makes sense that he would choose Rush. I mean the whole Christian thing is bullsh*t and we all know it.
    There are genuine Christians out there but they are as endangered as the real conservatives. 

Yes, that is the nature of the discourse going on! Does it get any better than this?
    And today is International Women’s Day and by chance, I am going to the Philadelphia Flower Show! I hope the giant solar flare doesn’t get me and my legs are strong!

So quickly to my Mike Roseboro story. An absolutely reliable friend ran into a man who was in Mahanoy State Prison with Roseboro for the last four years on drug charges and was recently released. He reports that Mike’s favorite cereal is Life. Really! Remember the Mikey likes Life commercials? Click here for a reminder!
     I figure he likes life because he could/should have gotten death.
    Off to the flower show. LIP News will not publish this afternoon and comments will not be approved until early evening.
    Have a great day and to all the women out there, in honor of International Women’s Day, make sure you give Rush the finger at least once today!

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5 Responses to MIKEY, RUSH & FLOWERS?

  1. marigrace says:

    Sorry Becky, but I am not sure who Joedog may have been in a former life.

    • Becky says:

      Nope – not in a former life – a current life. I have a theory – and I think it’s a pretty good one! Not ready to announce it yet, though…

  2. marigrace says:

    Iva bigbottom has the same writing style as…
    Ralph Jesus on LancTalk
    Wallypeepers on TalkBack

    Iva bigbottom, Ralph Jesus, and Walypeepers, all have writing styles very similiar to that of the former “JustPlainJoe”. I suspect they are all one and the same, but I may be wrong.

    • Becky says:

      Yep. I noticed the same writing styles in Iva and Ralph. I’ll check out Waly. I’ve also noticed some other posters across the forums with similar writing styles. Who, in your guess, is JoeDog on another forum? 😉 😛

  3. galty says:

    A BBC program with a couple of American Pats saying that the GOP candidates would all fail and then Palin would step up and take the nomination.

    God help us all

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