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    Michael Roseboro turns 45-years-old today in prison and someone who did time with him there has a “cute“ story.
    This comment came in (via Facebook) under ‘INVESTIGATIVE TEAM?“ below:
      One lives in hope that newspapers will always hold our Masters to account.
    The greatest bastion of freedom is an unbiased newspaper and of course unbiased TV news.
    It is so important that we always remember this. So who will be in the hot seat for LNP‘s series “Justice Delayed?” LNP almost never says anything negative about DA Stedman or the Lancaster County Judges – so who is responsible? This should be very interesting!

    Finally today – Letters to the Editor. Why are those printed in the Sunday News so dreadful? The comments that come into this site are normally ten times superior to anything Marv Adams prints. What is going on?
     And my apologies about the comment situation. Please try more than once. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I had just published my “COMMENTS ARE WORKING!” piece yesterday and I went to add a comment thanking a friend who on Friday googled “403 error” and told me I needed to go to my webhost. I submitted the comment and got “ERROR 403: FORBIDDEN.”
    I will continue to work on this problem and thank you for your patience.
Please check back later today.

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  1. JustWondering says:

    Becky, my first thought when I saw this story was the same as ‘Curious’. It threw me, I was like, “What the?” lol, but then I read the comments. I do have a question though, you said that Mikey was in for life, but can he file an appeal to the state Supreme Court? I was under the impression that he only filed an appeal, and was denied, to the state Superior Court last year.
    So, does Mikey have another chance if he files an appeal to the Supreme Court, or is that not an option for him and he is truly, ‘done’?

  2. curious says:

    my pulse returned to normal..lol..isnt it odd there were never any pics of him all shackled up being led from the car..wth..

  3. curious says:

    picture of him..the word freedom..caught me off guard you know?

  4. curious says:

    THANK GOODNESS!! scared me….

  5. curious says:

    why is the word “FREEDOM” above the pic of Roseboro?? and the cute story??

    • Becky says:

      Sorry, curious. This comment crap has taken all my time. The “cute” story will come tomorrow. I guess the FREEDOM headline was an attempt at irony – the press keeps us free – but, of course, Mike is not?!

  6. William H. says:

    Any idea what prison gang owns him?

  7. Anonymous says:

    test post test post test post

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