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    In case you haven’t guessed, I have a hell of a lot to say about the Sunday News’ “investigative series” titled “Justice Delayed” and apparently there are still two parts left to come.
— This is not an investigative series. This is an “in-depth” series at best. There is nothing investigatory about this at all.
— The series is breaking journalism ethics and basic standards of conduct by the press.
— Apparently District Attorney Craig Stedman ran to reporter Jack Brubaker with his list of desires – and Brubaker proceeded to try and fulfill them. Many of the DA’s requests are to hide his poor performance in office.
— When he is talking about court costs, why doesn’t Brubaker question Stedman’s very expensive investigative grand jury he has empanelled? Yes, he empanelled another grand jury, the fourth in sixteen years, but you’ve barely read about it in the Lancaster Newspapers. What is the grand jury doing and how much is it costing us? (Click here for “INCAPABLE OF SOLVING CRIMES!”)
— Why can’t Stedman’s Lancaster County Detectives solve the murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes (see immediately above on this site), Lydia Colon-Torres or any of the other unsolved murders in this county? That is why they work for the DA. How much are they costing us?
— When are they going to do a series on racism in the courthouse and the inequalities in the sentences being handed down by the judges? Many years ago I spoke with Jack Brubaker about this very issue and he had a most surprising answer. That will be coming. 
— The Lancaster Newspapers are making policy decisions for the court and that is simply not acceptable. Within this topic, I will also discuss a piece regarding the series which borders on madness.
— Finally, did you read the ridiculous piece by Chip Smedley and Janet Kelley’s daughter? With writing this poor, there’s little doubt she’ll be hired fulltime by the Sunday News shortly. (Click here for “Held captive as a juror.”)
    Well, as you can see, this is going to keep me busy. Tomorrow – President Judge Joseph Madenspacher and the incredible power of the Lancaster Newspapers.

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16 Responses to CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

  1. William H. says:

    A new low even for the Lancaster New Pennysaver

  2. parchment says:

    She is saying she turned 18 (when she was first eligible to be on a jury) 24 years ago. So that means she is 18 + 24 years old.

    But, as I said, you always choose to believe what you ASSUME to be true, rather than checking your facts. All while criticizing local news outlets for their journalistic standards.



    Have a nice day.

    • Becky says:

      Holy crap! You might be right…checking…

    • Becky says:

      OK parchment – this is taking forever. “Chip’s” real name is Frederick H. Smedley Jr. or the III (he seems confused by which one he is). I wonder if he ever legally changed it to “Chip.” Funny Lancaster Country Day would list a teacher by a nickname. Anyway – found two marriages for him. Working…

  3. parchment says:

    Writing in all caps doesn’t make anything true. Never has. Never will.

    18 + 24 years = 42 years.

    And it’s his wife. And that’s not something I’m just guessing at. It’s a fact. But believe what you want. You always do.

    • Becky says:

      That’s ridiculous. What’s the 18 for? She’s a kid! Smedley is close to 60 if not a little older. Let me repeat without caps – she is his daughter!

  4. FWIW says:

    Neat article, Becky. I like it. Answers coming soon, I expect?

    • Becky says:

      Yep. Sorry. Today was such a glorious day I had no choice but to take it off. I should have posted that I was – but it was a last minute decision to play! I will blacken the windows and be back tomorrow. 😛

  5. parchment says:

    Hello? Get a clue? Kelly Smedley is Chip Smedley’s wife, not his daughter. Geez! Why not try practicing some of that great journalism you claim LNP doesn’t practice? Check your facts before printing nonsense. Why should we believe one word you print when you get so much wrong?

    • Becky says:

      Hello? Have you lost your mind? Did you see the picture? Did you read her age? THAT IS NOT HIS WIFE THAT IS HIS DAUGHTER!

  6. anonymous2 says:

    If you are referring to the Watchdog 3 wags of the tail (do bulldogs even have tails?) drooling all over the Steinmans and LNP, has Robert Field gone senile?

    And looks like he can’t afford a proof-reader either. Hard times over at newslanc I guess.

  7. galty says:

    If you are employed by a big firm they are expected to pay your wages for the time you serve. if its a small firm who will not pay you( they have to give you time off by law)your full wages will be payed by the State+exp+ food.

    Exp are your travel Car milage allowance or the cost of public transport.

    I will look up some links.

  8. galty says:

    I for one found the “held captive as a juror” very interesting.

    THe fact that American Jurors get only $9 aday + expenses is a rip off and never even sit on a jury is a waste of time and money.

    In Britian if you are self employed you show last years acounts and are paid up to £300 a week + expen + a food allowance.

    You serve up to two weeks and might get two or three trials and you will get a trial by at least the second day.

    If its a longer trial you have the choice of sitting or not.

    • Becky says:

      If you are not self-employed in Britain what do you make a day?

      The $9.00 is standard across the state and I don’t know about any expenses (possibly parking). In the States, normally if you have a full-time job – your employer will pay you for the day. If you get on a two or three day trial I believe employers will continue to pay. I have no idea what happens when you get on a three or four week trial (Roseboro for example) but then I think it gets very complicated.

      And of course I don’t know about hourly workers and part-time. I think they get hurt the most. That why it seems like a lot of juries here have a large number of retirees. It’s not hurting their pockets.

  9. huh? says:

    Hmmmm… a story on being held captive as a juror. How long do you think it will be before the bashing of Harrison and Frantz will surface as the real angle of what they’ve set out to do? I’ve seen it before in this rag; nothing surprises me.

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