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* Silly Me!  Today is Presidents Day and the DA’s office is closed.  I will call tomorrow to find out why Heather Martin has not been charged with supplying the drugs that killed Scott McQuilkin.
    Marv, you are full of bull dung. Your articles on the CC and the Board of the CC have been few and far between. I am not saying what the Co. Comm. have done is all above board but you have blasted that unmercifully. How can you look at this CC and say it is a good idea? Where are you going to get the conventions from? Who is going to want to come to Lanc. for a convention? Tell me Marv, if you had to choose between Lanc. and say Atlantic City or even Filtadelphia, which would you choose? Lancaster, right. I’m going to be sixty in two weeks so the CC doesn’t mean a whole lot to me but you are putting that tax burden on my son and the rest of his generation. Shame on you, cause you probably would be around to have to pay for it either.
A comment on the Lancaster Trashback forum under Marv’s column from January 20, 2007, “So, where’s the logic?” (click here).
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  1. Rednek says:

    Well stated!!!!

    “What goes around, comes around”!!

    “The more things change, the more they stay the same”!!

    Propoents of this White Elephant need to pony up!!!!

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