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    I agree that they deserve every bit of it, but for those of us who are not close to the case the sentence is hypocritical. We have criminals who brutally rape small children repeatedly in this county, collect child porn, distribute child porn, inappropriately touch children, abuse the children while they sleep, and just overall treat children as objects of desire, and those criminals don’t even get a year in a jail. But shove a drumstick up someone’s butt and write on them with a marker and you get 10 years. What kind of message does that send our community? As a member of the community, the message I get is that children are less important or expendable.
    Again, they most certainly deserve to do a decade or two in prison for this very odd and disgusting crime, but so do child molesters. Other than those that are close with the case, most of us feel betrayed by the Lancaster County Justice system when it comes to our children. It’s not only here on LIP, but other local forums too.
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  1. Jodi says:

    Malave gets 10-20 for shooting a man. He is all ready doing 10-20 for another murder.This is what I was trying to say before,Lanc.Co has the wackiest convictions I have ever seen.Since working with Becky covering trials for the last 3 yrs I have never seen such injustice.Scotts family can call me all the names they like.It’s not going to change the fact of how I feel.Rape of an innocent child nowhere near compares to what happened to scott.They have shown their true colors on these forums.It really speaks volumes as to the type of vengeful people they really are.I really feel sorry that they cant except scotts death for what it really is.And please don’t bother to address my post.I will not argue with family members or friends.Once again justice didn’t fit the crime.

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