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    “To me, it wasn’t about guilt or innocence in a legal sense,” said trustee and Merck chief executive Kenneth C. Frazier, of Paterno’s perfunctory response in 2002. “Every adult has a responsibility for every other child in our community. And we have a responsibility not to do the minimum, the legal requirement. We have a responsibility for ensuring that we can take every effort that’s within our power not only to prevent further harm to that child, but to every other child.”
From Marv Adams’ Sunday News editorial, “WE ARE …” (click here).
    So, why haven’t you called out Lancaster County Judges Dennis Reinaker and Margaret Miller, Marv? Why?
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3 Responses to TELL IT TO THE JUDGES!

  1. cindy says:

    When I read his “editorial” I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs….SHUT THE H%#L UP YOU PATHETIC HYPOCRIT!!!!!!!!!!! When judges are giving slaps on the wrists of child abusers and letting them walk “free” they NEED to be called out but noone has the back bone to do it. And for Marvelous Marv to write and editorial like he did is down right disgusting!!!!!!! Hey…LNP…Hey…Marv…get a spine and start going after some judges and make THEM answer for THEIR decisions, for THEIR “not going far enough”, for THEIR unwillingness to protect children!!! Just a side question….who the heck gave Marv the name “marvelous” in the first place?!?!?! because he certainly is NOT!!!!!!!!!! Sheezzzzzzzz….LOL

  2. Rednek says:

    “So, why haven’t you called out Lancaster County Judges Dennis Reinacker and Margaret Miller, Marv? Why?”……….

    Because it takes someone with a spine to stand up. Marvelous Marv and the entire LNP administration are spineless when it comes to confronting “the powers that be”…… can fill in a long list of who those powers are (including LNP at the top of the list!!)

  3. suzieq says:

    Good one Becky….

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