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    What have we learned from the Penn State child sexual abuse case? In Lancaster County – nothing. Absolutely nothing. The last thing on Judge Maraget Miller’s mind was to protect the children from a known pedophile.
    Will Lewis Martin molest one of his nieces or nephews today? Or one of the children attending the Gehmans Mennonite School two-tenths of a mile from where he lives?
    Click here for “Judge: Sex offender violated probation” and please check back later today.

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  1. Jodi says:

    No,Cindy you haven’t offended me.I’ve just lost my mind over all the abuse cases that have been comming to light lately.I’ve never heard of such abuse.My children are grown but I have two beautiful grandchildren.It would just be wonderful if our justice system could handle this problem and make it stop.I tried my very best to call all agencies involved.I was truly outraged that only a few wanted to help.The two places that did would probally surprise most that read this site.I truly hope your life continues to be good.Thanks for letting me see things in a different way.

  2. cindy says:

    Jodi- AGREED…AGREED…AGREED and just so you get the point….I AGREE!!!!!!!!! The children MUST be protected and therefore the laws should apply to EVERYONE THE SAME!!! I was outraged over probation being given to Amish abusers and screamed loudly about it. Judges who give lighter sentences to “some” are opening up a can of legal worms for offenders in the future. “If Joe Amish got probation, then so should I” could now be heard in other cases. And let me say again, I am all for punishment for offenders, the SAME punishment, for ALL offenders NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!!!! (Amish, Mennonite, black, white, Americans or others) Children MUST be protected from offenders and until our judicial system treats everyone the same, that will not happen. You can’t send some to prison and set some free….punishment must be the same for all!!!!! BUT I also believe that we as a society cannot continue to allow victims to use past abuse as a “crutch” for the rest of their lives. We need to provide help for them, counseling to help them get past what was done to them and show them that their future can be whatever they choose to make it. Let me tell you something….without the help of some wonderful counselors at Philhaven I would never have gotten past what was done to me. I would have held on to it and allowed it rule the rest of my life. Because of their help, their love and support I was able to get beyond it and realize that the past will only control me IF I allow it to control me. I KNOW we need to PROTECT the children with better, more equal punishments for all offenders etc but I also realize we need to HELP the children by providing them with the help and counseling and support that will allow them to put the past behind them and move on to lead a healthy and productive life. I am sorry if I offended you earlier, that was not my intention!!!! 🙁

  3. Jodi says:

    Guess we see things differently children are what matter most.They are the future and something must be done to make sure their protected.I’m just sure we can do more.

  4. cindy says:

    I understand about the victims….believe me, I DO (really, I DO) but people cannot go their entire lives continuing to be traumatized by what happened in the past. Somewhere along the way they need to move on. And before you get up up on your high horse…I KNOW about moving on too…and Becky is NOT the only one that can speak as a victim!!!!! You seem to think that by punishing offenders for the rest of THEIR lives it will somehow “help” the victim. What it does do is keep the victim a prisoner of their past, locked in cage of unforgiveness and never being able to trust. It keeps them from having the ability to truly love and be loved by people, most of all by people of the opposite sex. It keeps them bitter and hateful, ready at a moments notice to throw the first stone at anyone who they think might be an offender. And I am in no way saying that ALL offenders deserve a second chance, in fact many do not, but there are those who do and its those that I am talking about. My neighbor readily admits he was wrong, that he did something for which he can never take back. He served his time, he went to couseling, he is on the list and all the neighbors know about his past. Were we cautious at first, of course. But over time we have seen that this man has truly changed and has now become an important part of our neighborhood. Do we remain vigilant?? YES Do we remain cautious?? YES Good ciitzen award….probably not BUT he deserves the same right as any other offender who has paid their dues and is now a law abiding citizen…to live a life in peace. As for the kind of life the victim is going to have for the rest of their lives….any kind of life they choose to have!!!!! Speaking from experience…there is life and there is peace after abuse…IF YOU CHOOSE that road!!!!!

  5. Jodi says:

    Wow,i guess were thinking different.Tell me what kind of life is the victim going to have for the rest of their life.I’m guessing it isn’t going to be peaceful.Becky, your the one most qualified to answer as victim.Cindy, maybe we should give them a letter of recognition for being a good citizen and completing their counseling.Raise holy hell heck no…..we could send them all to live near you.

  6. cindy says:

    Jodi…not kidding you. I believe that people deserve to live a “peaceful” life IF they have done their time and are now out and obeying the laws. I live 2 houses away from a registered offender and you could not meet a nicer man. He admitted he had a problem, did his time, received counseling and is now living life according to the laws of the land. What would you have us do with him???? Raise all kinds of holy h**l and make his life miserable???? Force him out of our community, ban him from having a job in the area, refuse to talk to him because of his “past”???? Well there are alot of people that have “pasts” and some of those are secrets pasts, but I believe every person deserves a second chance IF and only IF they become law abiding citizens and have done their time and follow required procedures. I also believe in laws to protect our children and sentences that are consistent for EVERY offender, and that includes Amish, Mennonite and anybody else caught offending. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT for anyone!!!!!

  7. why? says:

    huh?- Exactly. We don’t know if the person who wrote that was on the list for something consensual, as opposed to how FWIW chose to interpret it…20 years ago, when I was a senior in high school, I dated a guy 4 years older than me. No one seemed to think anything wrong with that, and we were together for five years. If that happened today, he could end up on a sex offender’s registry for the rest of his life. But back then, we just thought it natural…(As did our parents and society, as well!)
    It happened a lot in World War II, as too. Soldiers going off to war would marry their sweethearts…some of those girls were 16!
    Now, I am NOT condoning anything untoward!
    I am simply making note of the differences in meaning, and how some of the things that can land you on the sex offender’s registry for life are a bit ridiculous.

  8. huh? says:

    why? there is a big difference. IIRC, a teen was jailed in the south for having sex with his girlfriend who was also under age. And cindy also correctly points out that an 18 year old having sex with a 17 year old can put that person on a sex offenders list for life.

    Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, if I recall correctly, became pregnant to her boyfriend while underage. The penalties for the one year difference in age for consensual sex and consexual sex between two underaged people seem to be applied very randomly. And I’m not talking about a fifty year old man having sex with a fourteen year old; what cindy describes goes on all the time and really concerns me that a boy or a girl can be labeled a sex offender for life for consensual sex.

    I have a very good friend who dated her track coach in high school. They ‘kept it clean’ as they say until she was 18. they have now been married for almost forty years.

    I have a problem with laws being applied randomly. We’ve seen it in Lancaster with the latest “plain” people slaps on their hands and worse. And the Sandusky creep. Those are the people we should be raging about.

  9. why? says:

    I was thinking that the person meant the difference between pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophelia…

  10. Jodi says:

    Peacefully, are you kidding me.Any pedophile aka.. one sick ticket ,who if touched a small child (thats what were taking about) shouldn’t be allowed to live a peaceful life.They have done the unthinkable.It’s about time some new laws are passed To Protect Our Children.

  11. cindy says:

    FWIW…what the heck is your problem?!?! How do you know what he was “really saying” and then what gives you the right to type something so damn stupid. You actually sound like some damn raving lunatic with your rambling on and on. None of us “like” pedophiles and sex offenders but let me tell this…there are “offenders” who have been rehabilitated and are now living a normal life…if being on an offenders list can be called normal. Not every offender continues to offend, and most offenders are looking to be Citizen of the Year, they simply want to live their peacefully and without continued judgement from people like you. I have close friend who will forever be on an offender list because she had sex with a male who was under age!!!!!! Horrors…but guess what…she was only one year older. Funny thing is they went on to get married and have been happily married ever since. Yet she remains on an offender list. In no way do I condone what offenders have done BUT I also realize there is the ability to “change” and I find your comments just alittle bit too much to stomach!!!!!!!!

  12. Bitten by the dog says:


    This is off topic, but did you check out the story about County Detective/Southern Regional officer/DJ candidate PJ Ondeck? I think there must be way more to this story. What I find especially interesting is that the Chief down there, Fiorill, said he is repsonsible for tracking the certifications and became of aware of Ondeck’s failure to comply over the summer. That was 5-6 months after his certification expired. Did Fiorill allow Ondeck to work even knowing that he wasn’t certified? Did Fiorill advise DA Stedman that Ondeck was not certified? Why isn’t Fiorill being fired because of this? The reality is that Ondeck and Fiorill both screwed up. But given that Fiorill is responsible (he is the Chief), shouldn’t the Police Commission down there move to terminate him? And the “tremendous amount of county resources” that have been wasted, according to DA Stedman,, can we as county taxpayers surcharge the townships covered by this police chief’s incompetence for this waste? Is DA Stedman going to recommend the termination of Fiorill? He certainly should if he believes that Fiorill was intending back over the summer to sweep this under the rug.

  13. FWIW says:

    Okay, I can’t help it… ban me if you want, but this is what he is really saying:
    “Becky, what is your definition of a” Pedophile “ (oh pleaassee don’t describe me). I am a registered offender (Sandusky is my hero) and I have to agree that there is something odd about how this was handled (wish I was there). I had Judge Miller (and her sexy ass, I wonder if she has kids) at my sentencing and I have to tell you, she is no push over (but I’d like to try). There has to be more to this story that we don’t know (I have inside info, but I don’t pedo and tell).

    What does bother me is , if he and others like him(me) ( ie Amish or Mennonite ) are escaping having to register or even offender therapy (I go twice a week, but the ball sack shocks don’t seem to be working), then that makes me angry(in an excited kinda way) , and it’s a slap in the face (that I often masturbate to) to those who have had to register (like me) and are following the rules and staying out of trouble (for fear that bubba wants to kill me in prison).

    respectfully, an exoffender (but still has thoughts)

  14. FWIW says:

    I just can’t get over it, Becky. God Bless You. You must get all kinds. I was a little hard… schit, bad choice of words…. a little rough… dammit, I can’t win with words… I was tough on the peedofilapervert, but he’s fairly accurate, in all honesty… sorry, Mr/Mrs pee-pee whoo-whoo toucher, hope you forgive me… but I hope you understand if I don’t invite you over for a beer.

  15. FWIW says:

    And your definition of a pedophile? What is that all about? Yeah, hey – freak, look in the mirror…. you see that? That’s a pedophile.

  16. FWIW says:

    Oh gawd, Becky!!! You got an email from a… [gulp], from a.. ahh, one of those… ah, you know… uh….well, you know…. one of those…

    Chills…. up my spine…. gives me the creepy crawlers…..

    And “exoffender?” Yeah, okay…. once a pee-pee toucher, always a pee-pee pervert.

    Bllawwkkk…. throw up.

  17. Becky says:

    This email in this morning:

    Becky, what is your definition of a” Pedophile “. I am a registered offender and I have to agree that there is something odd about how this was handled. I had Judge Miller at my sentencing and I have to tell you, she is no push over. There has to be more to this story that we don’t know.

    What does bother me is , if he and others like him ( ie Amish or Mennonite ) are escaping having to register or even offender therapy, then that makes me angry , and it’s a slap in the face to those who have had to register and are following the rules and staying out of trouble.

    respectfully, an exoffender

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