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    Craig Stedman has a short list of what he calls “high-priority” crimes.
    Sex offenses, particularly those against children, are right near the top.
    “Short of homicide, there is no worse crime than the sexual assault of a child,” Lancaster County’s district attorney said. “I have made it clear to my office that we must aggressively prosecute sex offenders.”
From the November 20, 2011 front page article, “Sex crimes against children gets top priority at DA’s office,” (click here).
    Coming off the Penn State Scandal the DA goes for some good publicity. But what about the Judges? Is their one set of sentencing guidelines for the Amish and Mennonite – and a different set for everyone else? Or is it “cash for probation” in Lancaster County?
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2 Responses to NO WORSE CRIME!

  1. A Friend says:

    Really? What about sex crimes against adults?

  2. FWIW says:

    Sex Crimes are a top priority? For real? Yeah, okay there Craigy. Apparently you don’t read the same papers the rest of do. Last I checked the Megan’s Law offender website shows a whole lot of sex offenders on probation, or nothing at all, and very few in jail. There are 388 sex offenders in Lancaster County, only 31 are in jail. 14 of them are sexually violent predators, ONLY 1(ONE, UNO) IS LOCKED UP!!!! Oh, I thought I might point out that none of the incarcerated are Amish – just throwing that out there.

    “Aggressively prosecute” my backside, more like “Aggressively lenient.”

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