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    I was curious to see the immigration “audit” at Kreider Farms, where the feds earlier this month identified 100 employees — one-third of the workforce — as having “invalid documents.” Which means they may have been here illegally, and are ineligible to work in the U.S.
    Kreider Farms officials were shocked. The employees’ documentation seemed to be in line, but as a spokeswoman acknowledged, “We are not required by the law to be document experts.” 
Sunday News associate editor Gil Smart beginning his column today, “Chicken or broken egg,” (click here). 
    I don’t believe there is one person in Lancaster County, or in the nation for that matter, that believes “Kreider Farms officials were shocked.”  I am shocked that Smart thinks people are stupid enough to buy this – and I would like to know why he’s lying.
    No, they don’t have to be document experts but after being in business for years they know “good” and “bad” documentation and did just enough to cover themselves if ever questioned. Period.
    If you want to see “good” versus “bad” documentation, it is posted on the forum (click here). I suggest you read it, Smart, and apologize to your readers!
    Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams does apologize in his column today, “Wild, wild Internet days,“ for his editorial last week (click here):
    The timing — my timing — was terrible and gave the appearance of being unsympathetic to Paterno’s condition.
    In a column that is all over the place, Adams states this:

    One of the reasons for doing this column weekly has been to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the Sunday paper is put together, and how decisions are made.
    That’s absurd. Check his column for the last few years. He either makes fun of his readers, fun of those named in the police logs or tells us you’re getting up there in years if you remember certain very old things about the county. That’s all he does week in and week out.
    As to the internet and the false reports that Joe Paterno had died, Adams states that both parties initially responsible have lost their jobs. One resigned and according to Adams, CBS fired the other. 
    Legitimate news sources everywhere strive to get their facts correct. That’s just basic common sense if you want to build a readership.

    And then in a shocking bit that shows how really out of touch and behind the times Marv is, he says this about that hypocritical editorial he apologizes for:
    I awakened Sunday morning, recovered from Saturday night’s adrenaline rush, to have it dawn on me — the editorial! In the light of day, I was hit hard with regret. The editorial page had been finished Friday and I was caught up in breaking events Saturday. No excuses. This error in judgment has made for some gloomy days for me.
    It was finished on Friday – to be read on Sunday? That’s called “old” news.  And Marv forgot? He must really be getting up there!
    Don’t blame the internet for inaccurate news, Marv. Look in the mirror and at Smart.

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  1. messyg says:

    They are actually a bank from out of state but are cropping up everywhere.

    I did ask the teller is she could refuse to cash them? she wasn’t sure, when the mgr says its ok its ok, i guess.

  2. messyg says:

    not saying how i know but a local bank was asked by Kreiders to forgo the usual 2 id’s to cash their checks to these iligals. it amazed some of the cashiers that a good many id’s all had the same birthday, and yet Kreiders didn’t know?

  3. huh? says:

    One thing about the Feds… if they can ascertain that an employer does actually know the real status of their undocumented employees … the Feds will prosecute the employer.

    Despite everything you hear from people like Jan Brewer and all the other “Obama’s ignoring the border” shouters, under the Obama administration, more people here illegally have been deported than in all the year that GW Bush held office. Well over a million people. I hope the folks at Kreiders aren’t holding their breath.

  4. Rednek says:

    So typical of LNP….both of these yahoo’s need to find other employment….I understand that there are several openings at Kreider Farms working the manure detail….both are extremely qualified!!!

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