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    This morning’s paper has several articles on the upcoming Martin Luther King Day. One of my favorite posts from almost six years ago went something like this: There’s a picture of a black man on the front page of the Intell and he’s not charged with a crime – it must be Martin Luther King Day! Yes, it was!
    The Lancaster Newspapers remain the most racist employer in the county and as a result we have judge’s decisions and stories that almost bring tears to your eyes, such as this one which is pure racism, “17-year-old robber sent to state prison,” (click here). I’ll come back to this story later.
    We haven’t heard anymore about the stalemate with the jury commissioners resigning except for editorials. The Intell thinks they should go. The Sunday News yesterday said they should stay and basically called Commissioner Scott Martin a jerk. Well, they got the second half right at least and there will be more on this coming.
    Speaking of the Sunday News, Editor “Marvelous” Marvin Adams repeated a column yesterday. That’s right – he took a column from June 17, 2010 and barely rewrote it. What’s it about: the dangers of the internet, of course, and stupid people like Marv who have no common sense when it comes to “spam” emails. Click here for “Whispering down ‘Net”” and here for yesterday’s “The rest of the story.” This is truly pathetic.
    And while on the topic of the internet, this was posted on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum to avoid LNP’s “paywall:”
    Switch your browser mode to “In Private” (IE), “Private Browsing” (Firefox or Safari), or “Incognito” (Chrome). Each time you restart your browser it will reset the number of articles that it thinks you have read.
    Many comments ensued stating that this was “stealing.” No, it’s not. I still beat their paywall by pushing “escape.” They’ve made it trickier, but it still works.
    I am coming back to Judge Margaret Miller’s terrible, awful ruling to put a convicted pedophile living back with the children he has already molested later today. Believe me, I am not letting this unconscionable ruling stand.

    On a lighter note for a Monday morning, this email in from out of the blue (thank you!):
    Becky: I have to admit after having my son 8 months ago, I kind of lost track of your website. However, today as I drove by Angela Funk’s house, I was reminded of your website because of what I saw. What I saw made me become very curious and I was wondering if you had an answer. There is a nice newer Mercedes Benz in front of Ms. Funk’s house. Gift from Mr. Roseboro?

    My Denver friends, can you help us out here? Is Angie driving a Mercedes and where’d she get the money? Hmmm…
Please check back later today.

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6 Responses to INJUSTICES ROLL ON!

  1. REDNEK says:

    I attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast this morning in showing support to the wonderful programs being offered by the Crispus Attucks Community Center. Guess who was NOTABLY AbSENT as a sponsor (on any level!!).

    Yep….you guessed it….our very own lily white newspaper company.

    What a DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. why? says:

    How does Marv still have his job? He takes as many jabs at his readers as possible…If anyone in their jobs did to their customers what Marv does, I would imagine they would be fired, and rightfully so.
    Isn’t his job editing the paper?
    I understand editorials, but what he’s writing aren’t editorials- they’re basically hate letters to his readers…

  3. Rednek says:

    I just searched ‘clueless’ on the Lancaster On Line website, and guess what….Marv’s picture showed up!!!!

    Who would have guessed!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    LNP is not THE most racist employer in Lancaster County; it is only one of many. Minorities are not welcome in far too many jobs outside of Lancaster City and its immediate suburbs.

    LNP is merely a reflection of the vast majority of Lancaster County. Those of us who accept all of humanity as real people are the exception here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No, the funky dunks have to change micheal rudy to micheal funny dunk, tax deduction..wink wink. Money money.Of course it’s not randys he’s not allowed.A mini van for three kids is what she drives.

  6. Becky says:

    I would also like to apologize to my Denver friends for stating that I didn’t know if I wanted Denver or Pittsburgh to win yesterday. As you know, I was severely under the weather. 😉 😛

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