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Manheim Township man arrested 
for alleged sexual assault
of 4-year-old
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    This has to stop! This has to stop! This is destroying our children!  This is destroying our society.  It goes from one generation to the next. 
    I began to fully comprehend one of Martha’s statements; “The tentacles of sexual abuse are extremely long and reach from one generation to the next.”
From “INCEST: A FAMILY TRAGEDY – The Holzinger Story,” (click here).

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  1. FWIW says:

    That’s great she knows the family and all, but did she see this part in the paper:

    “According to a criminal complaint filed by police with District Judge David P. Miller on Thursday, Wilson admitted to touching the girl inappropriately several times throughout 2011.”

    He admitted to his own guilt. But I can predict how this will turn out, so you have nothing to worry about. Remember, Craig Stedman is tough on sex crimes – I can foresee a lengthy probation sentence, probably a year or two; he’ll be sentenced to a whopping ten hours of community service; Megan’s Law registration for ten years; counseling; and a $150 fine. Oh, and the worst part of the punishment – he’ll be allowed to move back in with the family if he wants, or at least nearby.

  2. I know this family. says:

    Dear Becky,

    I know this family personally, and it is a tragic thing. I personally know Allan, and know that he would never hurt a child. The four year old girl in question is his neice, which her mother is the sister of Allans wife Hillary. The sister in law has not liked Mr. Wilson from day one, and he has never had a record so I guess we will see how this one plays out. I do not know if he is innocent, or guilty, but growing up as a child with Mr. Wilson as I did. ( He was my step dad, and I’m 25 now, and got kids of my own ) I know for a fact he never touched me, and could never fathom him touching a little girl so before you jump to conclusions please consider these additional facts that I’ve given you. If you want to talk to his family here is a contact number for his oldest son.

    Robert Wilson – His son.. 717-517-xxxx

    PS We as a family are devistated about this, and hope the truth comes out for Allan, and the alleged victim. Thank you.
    Nichole ( Allan aka Bud’s step daughter )

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