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1. Randolph Carney
2. Charlie Crystle
3. Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey retiring. There is not one good thing about this man and any of his prosecutions must be questioned.
4. Lady Gaga. Maybe she can clean up this town.
5. The contributors and commenters to this site and other Lancaster forums. You are the best!
6. My Facebook friends and special friends – Jodi, Barb and Patty. And to Jeffrey and Carl Cooper – I am sorry I have lost touch and will correct that in the upcoming year. To Bob and Bob – friends from college that I have reconnected with – you were and remain the best! I had really good taste many years ago.
7. My son and my sister.
    Well, unfortunately, that about sums up the good. The Penn State scandal, of course, tops both lists. I feel such empathy for the victims – but they were incredibly brave – and it has been a watershed story for victims of sexual abuse everywhere.


1. The Lancaster City Police Department. Multiple unsolved murders, racism – and thus a community that rightfully doesn’t respect or trust them – a man dying in a police holding cell, a man shot in the back twice and mug shots of suspects who have been obviously beaten. They need to be investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.
2. Prison Warden Vincent Guarini. In any other town, with any other news organization in that town, he would have been gone years ago. He’s a liar. He lied directly to me. He is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and bringing heartbreak to multiple families. He must go!
3. The Lancaster Newspapers. Because of their journalistic failures, the above two travesties of justice have been allowed to continue. And they are the main contributors to the next two on the list.
4. The Convention Center brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. Go to Plan B and do it now! Is there a Plan B? Start working on it now and run LNP out of town and replace them with a legitimate news organization.
5. The survelliance cameras – also brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. No one knows who owns them, who is monitoring them or what is being done with the tapes. And taxpayer money is being used to fund them. This is unacceptable – plain and simple.
6. Blatant racism in hiring by the Lancaster Newspapers. The city is now more than 50% “minority” and they have one on their editorial staff of more than 100 people. Those responsible should be fined and jailed. They are breaking a 40 year old federal law and it’s time they were held accountable.
7. Mayor Rick Gray.
8. Commissioner Scott Martin.
9. Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams.
10. Lancaster County Judges – President Judge Joseph Madenspacher, Dennis Reinaker and David Ashworth to name three. And let’s not forget District Judges Isaac Stoltzfus and Kelly Ballentine.

    I will go into much more detail on some of the items in the good and bad list tomorrow – I am rushing today to catch the Eagles game! No – I’m not – that’s a bad joke. But I do have some pork to eat.
    Have a great New Year’s Day and please check back tomorrow.

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5 Responses to 2011 IN REVIEW!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a clueless ass

  2. Becky, thank you very much for the huge compliment. I don’t always agree with you, but I do respect you very much.

    I guess this is as good a place as any to explain what has happened in my life over the past year: I spent a long time and a lot of effort trying to get into a position where I could have some positive influence in preventing yet another massive fiscal fiasco involving taxpayer dollars in Lancaster City. I developed some influential allies, but they were not powerful enough to overcome the establishment’s blocking of my endorsement as a candidate for City Council.

    I was instead asked repeatedly to run for SDoL School Board. When I looked into what is involved, I became quite interested: over 600 staff, more than 11,500 students, over 75,000 constituents, and a budget of more than $160 million. That’s right, the SDoL spends enough money every year to build another hotel and convention center. With my knowledge of local taxes and how local government works, I was enthusiastically endorsed, and later easily elected. As it turned out, I didn’t get exactly what I had wanted, but instead got in a position to influence a LOT more than I would have otherwise.

    I’ve spent the last year not only campaigning, but also trying to learn and understand what is involved in the SDoL School Board. Now that I’ve been sworn in, there are many (not always pleasant) things I have learned that I cannot talk about because they would violate the confidentiality of named individuals (one of the few legit exceptions to the Sunshine Act). Just let me say that dealing with the taxpayer-financed hotel and convention center project was downright SIMPLE compared to some of the issues I will need to deal with as an SDoL board member (as long as I don’t allow myself to become a rubber-stamp, as some have in the past).

    It looks like School Board is going to take 20 or more (unpaid) hours a month, since there is so much studying that needs to be done so we can vote knowledgably. I will still attend City Council and LCCCA meetings whenever possible, but for me the 11,500+ SDoL students – and the tens of thousands of taxpayers in Lancaster City and Township – must be my primary focus.

    If you don’t hear from me very often, please be assured that I’m even more active now in local issues than I’ve ever been in the past. I promise I will always fight for the best interests of students and taxpayers alike.


  3. William H. says:

    AND…it continues to improve!

  4. Rednek says:

    When Marvelous Marv (with his 16 year old “tax deduction” – his words!!) is only number 9, it says an awful lot about how awful Lancaster really is.

    Oh. I’m sorry….”Frankly, Lancaster is a wondereful place to live”!!!!

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