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 * BREAKING NEWS * Well folks, apparently Kate is telling people she can’t – for some strange reason – sign on to the FAB forum (Folks Against Becky), otherwise known as TalkPa.net, but she is sending messages through friends! What a hoot! There will be much more tomorrow!

    Next year there will be a big change in Lancaster County’s hotel tax. The amount of the tax isn’t changing, but the revenue is being redirected and some hotel operators say it’s unfairly going to benefit one place.
From WGAL-TV, “Lancaster County’s Hotel Tax To Be Redirected,” (click here).  
    Wow! WGAL actually does a good piece on this disaster which will make the top ten worst list for years to come. All brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers (and President Judge Joseph Madenspacher) who broke every journalism code of ethics to build this white elephant sitting in the heart of downtown Lancaster.

    There are also excellent comments coming in under “A FINE MESS!” below. Where’s the update on this story? Where is President Judge Joseph Madenspacher’s ruling on this? He gets paid the big bucks to make the “hard” decisions. Is Kathleen Harrison, one of the jury commissioners in question and who is normally outspoken about everything, finally going to speak her peace (also see “THE EDGE OF GLORY?” below)? Will she resign for the “good” of the county taxpayers? Who did appoint her and who did she replace? Could it be her own son?
    This has been an incredibly busy two weeks for me and I will try to make it up by continuing to publish straight through the New Year! Have mercy!

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  1. Randolph Carney says:

    Becky, you and I have been saying for years that it was only a matter of time until the “hotel tax” wouldn’t be enough to support the convention center. The current County Commissioners seem determined to not increase the tax, which means the PDCVB will no longer have the funds to do the bulk of promoting the convention center. I strongly suggest things will get worse for both the hotel and convention center before they get better.

    It is VERY important to NOT blame the current board and management (with the exception of one lone holdover from the past). With four experienced financial specialists on the board, they have delayed the inevitable for far longer than many people thought was possible.

  2. William H says:

    New tax, homicide rate is up. Yep mayor Dick. What was that you said back in September of 2009? Oh yeah: “Frankly the quality of life in Lancaster continues to improve.” Anything to say for yourself? Anything? Mayor Dick, are you there? Mayor Dick? Mayor Dick?

  3. William H. says:

    I guess socialism’s OK if you’re republican who belive’s in the sanctity of free enterprise. How do I go about starting a business and getting my start up capitol from a special tax levyed upon business’ that I’ll be competing against?

  4. Rednek says:

    “Lancaster County’s Hotel Tax to Be Redirected”…..this can’t possibly be true…Bernard Harris would have told us so!!!!!

    What an incentive for new hotel operators to come to Lancaster…I wonder if Dale High’s new Hotel at The Crossings will somehow be exempt????

  5. William H. says:

    There’s a reason it’s called “The Con”.

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