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    “I’m just calling to tell you how totally pathetic your Sunday paper is. It is so devoid of news that if there was a legal definition of a newspaper, you would be arrested. As far as the newspaper, you people found a way to take the news out of the newspaper and created an advertising journal, social register …
    “Thanks to you, I tore my subscription up and it will not be renewed.”
Sunday News Editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams quoting a caller today in his column, “An arresting development,” (click here).
Oh, that is classic! Marv’s big comeback:
     I sincerely wish you a very Merry Christmas.   
    Do you think Marvelous Marv is really being very sincere? What if the caller wasn’t Christian? Shouldn’t Marv have said:
     I sincerely wish you very Happy Holidays?
    Oh, happy Sunday! Please check back later today.
[Editor’s note: Marvelous Marv is now the first individual to have his or her own news “category.” It’s my present to you over the holidays, Marv!]

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6 Responses to TEAR IT UP!

  1. huh? says:

    The phone calls and emails that he receives that actually DO put him in his place will never see the light of day.

  2. Rednek says:

    Marvelous Marv’s smug attitude is matched only by his smug picture.

    It must be very trying for him to be married to someone who has the repsect and appreciation of those she serves from the pulpit. He, on the other hand, has earned NO respect or appreciation from those he ‘serves’.

  3. FWIW says:

    I had to read the article several times, I just could not believe my eyes – and still can’t. Even Fox News wouldn’t pull a stunt like this. I just don’t know what else to say, it’s awful. If I was one of the people who wrote the paper and I was ridiculed like this, I’d be pissed. But who do you complain to? The comment came from a big wig at the newspaper.

  4. FWIW says:

    Oh my God, that’s really unprofessional. What a bunch of a$$holes. This is certainly not the best way to gain customers. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, this is horrible. My stomach churns in embarassment for the poor saps quoted in the article. They read like a bunch of bullies, “ha ha ha, Lancaster, we are the ONLY paper for miles; challenge me? how dare you challenge me.”

  5. galty says:

    Do like the term “Escape Goats”

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