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    Now, $40 million is nothing to sneeze at, if, “big if,’’ this project tanks. No conventions, no guests. Short of a huge volcano erupting in Pequea Township, that is not going to happen.
Marv Adams in his column, “Playing local fear factor,” (click here).

    How many of these principles has Sunday News editor Marv Adams – and every editor and reporter at the Lancaster Newspapers – broken in regard to their convention center/hotel? What’s your count?

   PREAMBLE. The First Amendment, protecting freedom of expression from abridgment by any law, guarantees to the people through their press a constitutional right, and thereby places on newspaper people a particular responsibility. Thus journalism demands of its practitioners not only industry and knowledge but also the pursuit of a standard of integrity proportionate to the journalist’s singular obligation. To this end the American Society of Newspaper Editors sets forth this Statement of Principles as a standard encouraging the highest ethical and professional performance.

 ARTICLE I – Responsibility. The primary purpose of gathering and distributing news and opinion is to serve the general welfare by informing the people and enabling them to make judgments on the issues of the time. Newspapermen and women who abuse the power of their professional role for selfish motives or unworthy purposes are faithless to that public trust. The American press was made free not just to inform or just to serve as a forum for debate but also to bring an independent scrutiny to bear on the forces of power in the society, including the conduct of official power at all levels of government.

ARTICLE II – Freedom of the Press. Freedom of the press belongs to the people. It must be defended against encroachment or assault from any quarter, public or private. Journalists must be constantly alert to see that the public’s business is conducted in public. They must be vigilant against all who would exploit the press for selfish purposes.

ARTICLE III – Independence. Journalists must avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety as well as any conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict. They should neither accept anything nor pursue any activity that might compromise or seem to compromise their integrity.

ARTICLE IV – Truth and Accuracy. Good faith with the reader is the foundation of good journalism. Every effort must be made to assure that the news content is accurate, free from bias and in context, and that all sides are presented fairly. Editorials, analytical articles and commentary should be held to the same standards of accuracy with respect to facts as news reports. Significant errors of fact, as well as errors of omission, should be corrected promptly and prominently.

ARTICLE V – Impartiality. To be impartial does not require the press to be unquestioning or to refrain from editorial expression. Sound practice, however, demands a clear distinction for the reader between news reports and opinion. Articles that contain opinion or personal interpretation should be clearly identified.

ARTICLE VI – Fair Play. Journalists should respect the rights of people involved in the news, observe the common standards of decency and stand accountable to the public for the fairness and accuracy of their news reports. Persons publicly accused should be given the earliest opportunity to respond. Pledges of confidentiality to news sources must be honored at all costs, and therefore should not be given lightly. Unless there is clear and pressing need to maintain confidences, sources of information should be identified.

These principles are intended to preserve, protect and strengthen the bond of trust and respect between American journalists and the American people, a bond that is essential to sustain the grant of freedom entrusted to both by the nation’s founders.

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  1. huh? says:

    Isn’t it weird that Adams is still singing the same song? “If it’s going to tank” …. that is not going to happen.” were the same sort of words he wrote when Henderson etc. raised valid concerns. He just blew them off and wrote the same crap.

    Just more proof on the fact that the newspaper needs to finally admit that it is NOT a newspaper but rather a ‘pennysaver’ type of publication that shills for various advertisers by printing “stories” that are in fact just paid for advertisements.

  2. Suzieq says:

    48 hours number…212~975~3247 It is also a CBS network show…good luck!! A reminder for tonight…at 8, channel ID discovery, will have the Jan Roseboro story..Just sharing…

  3. Rednek says:

    LNP is the one that disseminates misinformation, or only the “facts” that serve THEIR purpose. Marv (and LNP in general)is a total disgrace to ethical journalism (which is understandable, given that he is clueless as to what ethical journalism should be)

  4. Rednek says:

    Does anybody out there know how to contact 60 minutes???

    What a great story this woud be!!!!

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