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    Who is the biggest jerk of 2011? Mayor Rick Gray, Commissioner Scott Martin or Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams? The answer comes tomorrow with my top ten list!
    Have a safe and happy New Year’s eve!

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7 Responses to IT’S A TIGHT RACE!

  1. Rednek says:

    Is it just me, or did Marvelous Marv repeat (almost word for word) a previous column in today’s (1/8) Sunday Spews???? It wasn’t a good column then (when is there a good column from Marv) and it isn”t a good column now.

    I guess if one weree to look up Lazy in Webster’s Dictionary a picture of the arrogant, belligerant, condescending Adams would look back at you.

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. William H. says:

    Yeah. Fat Vinny and that whole gulag needs to be under investigation.

  3. William H. says:

    Shill Smart-just because he’s a no talent hack posing as a real reporter for a real newspaper?

  4. William H. says:

    I’m gonna say: Mayor Dick

    -Homicide rate is up
    -more taxes to support the con
    -slumlords still in business
    -gang violence is up

    While the other nominees are certianly worthy of major jerk of 2011, Lancaster is under the watch of the Dick. So after the next drive by remember what the Dick told us back in September of 2009: “Frankly, the quality of life in Lancaster continues to improve.”

    • Becky says:

      Oh, William H, I am befuddled and confused! Silly me to put up three such deserving candidates! Will I have to pull a name from a hat? 🙁

      😛 😛

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