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    And take a look at page A-4 and the “monitoring supervisor” of the Safety Coalition. There is only one David Greiner found in Lancaster. He lives on E. Chestnut Street. According to the public access UJS site, he has had a number of Traffic citations and also two NT citations (both for failure to pay his occupational tax – one plead guilty, one dismissed). And this same David Greiner had a judgment filed against him by the USA for an $8,691 tax lien.
Part of an email in this morning. (Thank you!)
    Unbelievable! Click here for today’s, “Lancaster city camera coalition refocuses.”  Maybe Greiner should focus that camera on himself!

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  1. Becky says:

    “Speeding, red-light running and coasting through stop signs is an epidemic,” said Jack Howell, president of the Lancaster Alliance. “We need to change our driving behavior.” “Common sense and courtesy were never a requirement to get a driver’s license,” said David Greiner, a monitoring and evidence specialist for the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition.

    Greiner argues the problem has gotten so bad that he can’t walk to Central Market from his home near Musser Park without having vehicles nearly hit him as he crosses intersections. In addition to the city’s crime problems, he said reducing reckless driving incidents is an equally serious quality-of-life and safety issue.

    “[Traffic enforcement] shouldn’t come as an afterthought,” he said. “You put people in jail for pulling a knife or gun on someone — a car has the same ability to hurt people.” Greiner, former president of the Lancaster Council of Neighborhoods, a neighborhood watch program, said he’s written letters to legislators asking them for action and more funding to tackle the issue. “We need to make our streets safer,” he said.

    From the Lancaster Police website: http://www.lancasterpolice.com/news/releases/recklessdrivers.htm

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