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    Becky, why not call F&M and offer to fund an award called the “Jerry Sandusky Child Opportunity Award” for those students who will go on to work with disadvantaged youth? Then, if Keith Orris sounds horrified, tell him that’s what they are doing with your offender!
This comment in under “A CRIME & SOCIETAL TRAGEDY” below.
    Thank you! I needed that. I will be back in touch with those sterling, upstanding and arrogant folks at F&M and I will report back to you here.

    It took two to dance this tango, as it so often does.
Gil Smart in his column this week, “It took two to tango,” (click here).

    Wow! Is this guy smart or what? See what you can learn from reading LNP! Does anyone know how many it takes to do a line dance?
Please check back later today.

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